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iphone gadgets for your health and fitness!

The Smart phone is good for your health its official!

I have had my iphone 3G since it first came out, it is the best phone Ive ever had with the opportunity to buy almost any app you can think of for any subject you can think of, from the obvious gaming, note taking, accounts to the fun side of thousands of games and just and hilarious apps.

But did you know you can now buy gadgets to add to your iphone to combine with specific apps that will actually help your health and fitness. As an ex-nurse anything that is good for you I am interested in and combined with gadgets than Im one happy bunny!

Here are some gadgets that have caught my eye, finally technology we can carry around that will help us keep an eye on our own bodies, being an ex-nurse I find these such a great idea and could even possibly save a life.


Blood Glucose meter

I was really impressed with this gadget with thousands of diabetics having to check their blood glucose everyday. Out with the old carrying a pen around to simply snapping this on the end of your iphone or ipod Touch.

Its made by iBGStar device and was launched in March this year and only costs

For more information click 

Blood pressure Meter

ihealth have produced a range of blood pressure metering systems which work with the iphone 4, ipod touch and ipad 2.

This ihealth turns any compatible devices into a powerful blood pressure monitor. You then download the app which will track and record all your results through custom easy to read graphs, it will warn yo if its out of your normal or too high or low.
It then allows you to send the results immediately to your Dr.
Its starts from around 

More details about iHealth HERE

WiFi Body scale by Withings

The WiFi bodyscale uses WiFi technology to automatically transmit your weight to your iphone, ipad or ipod touch.
It will graph your weight BMI and lean and fat mass so you can assess it at anytime, you also have sharing options to facebook and twitter if you dare to share.

LARK Un-Alarm Clock and sleep sensor 
Now your talking I have terrible sleep problems and this is one gadget I hope to get my hands on at some point!
Transform you iphone 4 or 3GS, ipad or ipod touch (3rd and 4th generation) into a personal sleep solution with LARK, the 1st patent pending silent un-alarm clock and sleep sensor which is a sleep training system and alarm clock. A sleep cradle charges your phone and wrist band when not in use.

 Instead of being waken with a blaring bleeping alarm jolting your self awake LARK uses touch to wake you up silently and gently, LARKs wristband is wirelessly connected via bluetooth to your iphone device and delivers gentle rolling vibrations to your wrist.

We dont not know much about our sleep patterns so the sensor also collects data based on "actigraphy" which sleep researchers use in sleep hospitals. The moment you wakeup with the vibrations LARK's app will show you how you slept, how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up and much more.
It tracks thousands of micro movement during the night.
Buy HERE from around $69.95

Jawbone UP band iphone Health Tracker

 Jawbone health tracker is a personal health caring band which tracks your eating habits, inactive time and sleep patterns as well as steps, distance calories with personalised tips and recomendatipons on your results. 
Detailed charts show you how your life can be improved.
See more information 

Wahoo Fitness HR Heart rate strap for iphone 4S

This neat chest strap converts your iphone 4S into a heart rate monitor useful for fitness training when running, cycling and working out in the gym. The soft textile strap allows freedom of movement while training.
This is also compatible with most fitness apps available.
Buy HERE from $79.95

Adidas miCoach Heart rate monitor for iphone/ipod
A slightly cheaper version which you can also buy HERE for around $69.95

Another version

Heart rate RX and chest belt

Compatible with the iphone 3Gs, iphone 4, ipa or itouch
Easy to use, great software and even attaches and sync to some treadmills

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed senor for the iphone 4S

This cycling sensor transforms your iphone 4S into a powerful cycling computer attached directly to your bike through bluetooth wireless technology.

It measures and sends cycling speed, distance information directly to your iphone or other popular cycling apps. Even down to the milage on your bike the sensors odometer feature tells you the lifetime mileage ridden on your bike by week, month or year.
You can buy yours from HERE for $59.95

Adidas miCoach SPEED CELL for iphone and ipod Touch

This clever speed cell accuratley measures your performance while playing sports like football, basketball, tennis or running. Just place the speed cell on your laces of your trainers and just carry on.

The speed cell will record speed, distance time and specific sport stats, it captures up to 7 hours of workout data. An "always awake mode" activates on just a few strides.
Buy yours HERE for $69.95

Nike Fuelband

The NEW Nike Fuel innovative wristband which can record and measure the amount of exercise in daily life, in order to motivate and inspire people to live with vitality.
It tracks walking, running, dancing, basketball anything of everyday actions. Its matching app allows you to set goals lighting from red to green throughout the day, get to green you've hit your goal.
It charts calories, steps however you wish to track your day.

Get more information from Nikes site

Well Im knackered at the thought of all this cycling, running and playing basketball, does typing count....!
I hope this has given you some ideas to help improve your health and everyday fitness just by using your iphone or device which is already to hand. So from sleep to blood pressure readings, weight issues and improving your general fitness the iphone can help.

I will be adding regular posts not just of my own reviews but the latest technology that has caught my eye so I can share it with you.
Bye for now fellow techie's!

Gadget Girl

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  1. Wow, this post is really amazing. I didn't knew we have such iPhone applications that we can use them to keep track on our health. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I'm so much concern about my health and always keep looking for new things that can help me improve fitness. I've been doing workouts for last 2 years regularly, I believe this will be a plus one in my schedule. Thanks again.


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