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iphone Camera Gizmos

Would you give up your professional camera equipment for iphone gadgets....?

Yesterday I showed you some amazing iphone gadgets which will help your health and fitness, today still on the same lines with iphones and smartphones. I'm now going to show you how to change your iphone into a fun camera and the opportunity to turn you into a pro photographer at the turn of a gadget; make your simple iphone produce some not only great images but great effects too.

Anyone who knows me know I am a photographer by trade and have been taking photos for over 30 years, so I'm always fascinated to see unusual ideas that can help us take better images or even quirky, fun ones.
I remember when...(oh..nooo...not the I remember when' had to produce my images in a darkroom using chemicals, which could take up to a day to produce just a few images, so I really appreciate the fact of just pressing a few buttons and sliders and I then have an image DeVinci would be proud of.

In our modern age too we can take an image and in seconds post it on twitter and facebook or email to friends and family so Im excited to see so many great new ideas for budding photographers out there. The market has been flooded with some great and novel ideas to turn anyone into a professional looking photographers simply with our own smartphone.
Here are a few ideas that took my eye.

The Bubblescope
This is a favourite of mine, I cant wait to get my hands on one of these!
Have you ever been on holiday and admired a view from the top of a mountain or  across the fields or the sea and wished you cold share it with your family and friends, well now you can....Im so excited about this one.
The Bubblescope 360 degree lens attaches to your iphone and is capable of shooting not only still images BUT video! The Bubblescope includes the case so your iphone is protected and kept still enough to take this amazing image. You then download the Bubblescope app and your'll be bubbling away in no time.

Its a simple single 360 degree shot capture how easy is that....

The glass lens is retractable for quality and protection, its robust and portable. The camera operates like a mini handheld version of the google maps car, so you are shooting 360 degrees simultaneously, you can pan live in one direction while recording footage in the other (...ok even I'm curious about that one now). The Bubblescope lets you take images from a completely different perspective.

Here are some examples...arnt they gorgeous.

I think this is a fab fun idea and worth the money for such innovative unique images, an ideal pressie for someone, or gift for the family for everyone to share within their phones.
Sadly it is for iphone 4 and 4S users only at this I'll go and sulk in the corner with my vintage iphone 3g!

Buy your Bubblescope for £48.99

 iphone Shutter release remote
This cool gizmo enables you to shoot photos from up to 30 feet away using bluetooth technology. 

Great for group shots or self portraits without having to keep setting a 10-20 second auto shutter time by running back and forth, just brilliant, this is so useful for crisp shake-free images..

An affordable idea that I think you will use time and time again. Approx $14

The iphone lens Dial 
My first thought was it looked like I was back in the opticians having my eyes tested, but its yet another gadget for the smartphone and the option to have 3 optically coated glass lenses with some fab effects .
  • The wide angle,
  • Fish eye...drool,
  • telephoto, 
All wrapped up in a slim aluminium jacket equipped with 2 tripod mounts for portrait and landscape shots.

Instead of unscrewing the lens and carefully placing it back in its lens case, opening your next case removing the lens and then attaching it onto your simply rotate the disc..!!!  Its that easy and the best part is that they never leave your phone you will always be ready with that perfect shot.
The telephoto is the most useful in my eyes as you can now zoom in to your chosen subject if you wish and the other two offer great effects which you would not normally be able to achieve without a specialised lens.
I do think its a pricey gadget for just the iphone but if you have a large family with several iphones then its worth it and if you take alot of images its also worth it. I have spent a fortune on separate lenses for my canon, one lens costing double of this lens dial.

A great pair of spectacles for your iphone for a cool $249 

Loftek High Quality 3 in 1 Camera lens kit for the iphone 4.4s.
This cute little kit comes with 3 separate lens which attach onto the iphone 4/4s but will also attach to any phone with a lens smaller than 9.5mm.
This kit offers you a macro, fish eye and wide-angle, I'm quite impressed with the photo quality of these lenses according to the images below, dont they come out fab.

Fish eye and Macro


The lens attaches to the phone via a magnetic ring and doesn't cover the flash. This little kit is so extremely affordable and perfect for gifts and pressies for anyone who loves photography giving you the option to get really creative with your images.
At ONLY £16.87 I feel everyone should own this little kit, buy from Amazon HERE


The Ollo clip
Another fab idea and a neater version of the Lens dial is Ollo 3 in one system, you have a macro, fish eye and wide-angle all in one clip which affixes to the corner of your iphone 4 and 4s easy to just keep in your pocket or handbag with the iphone.

This really is cute and Retails for approx £59.99 from Amazon

The iphone SLR Mount
Im so impressed with this gadget as all my camera equipment is SLR with my trusty Canon and many many lenses, so Im really excited that I can now add my lenses to my iphone.
What's the point I hear you say, why not just use your own pro Canon camera, I thought that too...BUT its for the shear fun of it... and...well...its...a...gadget after all and of course it looks so cool.

This iphone mount gives you the real thing, the case adaptor combo lets you mount your canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iphone 4/4s giving your phone powerful depth of field images and of course manual focus, something you dont have on iphone. I might want to focus on that far tree and not the barn in the front, this now gives me the option to do that with my iphone. 

I do struggle to think why I would want this though, Im not really sure, especially at such an expense of around $249, but its a fab idea...I'll keep hanging out for that lottery win.

iphone Video rig
Turn your iphone into a hand-held video rig with this clever new gadget from Photojojo, you couldn't wait for your new iphone, the new autofocus camera, the promised buttery smooth video in HD.
Spielberg, Lucas, Wes Anderson all had to start somewhere didn't they? realised the worlds thinnest phone trembles in the slightest breeze, the mic's easy to block and the lens is permanently zoomed!!!
If only you had a sliding rig, a boom mic or a wide-angle lens.

Now you can, this video rig is carved out of solid aluminium and fits the iphone 4/4s and the iphone 3gs like a glove. Two grips, 4 tripod sockets and weighs a pound in weight to keep it rock steady.

Its adjustable high quality mic and excellent quality wide angle lens are a great combination and easy to assemble.
Takes rock steady videos by stabilizing it on one of the 4 tripod sockets and for better sound quality plug it directly into your iphone.

I'm really  impressed and at approx $169 its worth it if you know you are going to take alot of videos.

iStabiliser Mount Smartphone Tripod Mount
As a photographer I know how important it is to keep the camera steady and even with an iphone it can be difficult in some circumstances.  The iStabiliser Mount now allows us smart phone users the stability of camera men on TV. The stabiliser lets you move with the iphone while keeping it perfectly straight during use, Its pretty cheap and affordable too.

Joby Gorilla Mobile Holder stand for the iphone 4
I can absolutely vouch for these gorilla pods, it will affix around anything handy to make your iphone safe and secure while taking piks or videoing.

 Durable, solid, sturdy bendable legs that will wrap around and grip to almost anything available wherever you maybe be for hands free use, perfect for videoing or shake-free images.

I can personally recommend this to anyone who owns a camera or iphone they are amazing little gadgets.
Plus so affordable at £12.99 from, Amazon

 I have to apologise for just offering you the pricing of some of these products in dollars but I have yet to find them in uk pounds, I will add the pricing and details of stores once they hit the UK .

I hope I have given some of you budding photographers some ideas for your smart phone to help you produce some great photos to impress your friends and family.

So has my Canon camera and lenses been made redundant yet....oh no...I still love my gear. I'm not completely convinced on every one of these ideas but they certainly have a place for some people, for me I love the remote control I think I would use that alot so I can be in the shots with friends and family.  I also love the idea of the Lens phone dial fab idea but I'd like to see the quality of the lenses with some images first. I do really love the quality of the 3 little magnetic Loftek lenses those images really are gorgeous the quality looks good!

But I can highly recommend the Joby mobile holder or camera version if you prefer, incredible quality and strength.

Coming next on Gadget Girls reviews more about iphones with some whacky iphone case ideas and with Halloween looming up quickly on us all, some spooky Halloween gadgets and items to make your Halloween even more special.
Then I want to share my addiction of fun and completely useless USB devices.

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