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Gadget girls reviews

Gadget Girl's reviews

Gadget Girls reviews will soon be offering some fun products with the Christmas looming up...yes sorry to mention the dreaded word.

Those of you that know me know I'm an absolute gadget girl I adore my techie stuff, anything that bleeps, flashes, lights up, is rechargeable or plugs in or that is something that look so very different to anything else Im a happy bunny.

My reviews are slightly different in the fact Im a photographic review site, I want to show you everything good and bad, colouring , how it works, how you charge or plug it in, what buttons to press; so you have no doubt after reading my review what it looks like.

I have had many emails recently from my readers on here asking how I get my photos looking so nice..blush thank you.. I really appreciate the comments and compliments.

I have over 30 years experience as a writer and photographer, photographing anything from wildlife to We-vibes, Lions to lingerie, Magpies to models, Flowers to fetishwear.
I just love the camera; its the air I breathe.

So how do I complete my reviews.....?

No I dont just point the camera and click upload and then chuck a few thoughts about each product sheesh....OMG nooo....God forbid, when I choose to do something I tend to go the whole hog and complete it to the best of my ability; in both writing and images.
But to get my full review and images to being uploaded onto the screen is a longer process than most people would think.
As a photographer I'm meticulous about lighting, positioning and detail.  So I thought I would add a post to show you what is involved in 1 review, using my tools of the trade that I couldn't do without.....and how I bring you Midnight Boudoir Photographic review site.

Graphics tablets
I wanted to share my latest new gadget baby first though,
For my 25th Anniversary pressie...I managed to get it OH bought me the latest Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, I have the large one, but I wanted something I could take with me to edit my photos in any room with a laptop; so I can work on more photos anywhere I choose even outside when Summer eventually gets here.
I introduce the newest Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet.

I spend absolutely hours on some of my images not just my product images for Midnight Boudoir but for my own passion for wildlife photos and dabbling with my fantasy art too, so now I can paint and draw even while on on my laptop, not just in the studio office...woohoo no stopping my inspiration now.

We also share our main larger Graphics tablet for more detailed work and painting fantasy art and that is the Intuos Special edition A4 tablet, this is large enough to draw anything at any size.With this we get a normal digital pen and an airbrush and another small mouse.This is an amazing piece of kit and makes light work of complicated editing and intricate painting and sketching.

The Camera and Studio Setups
But to get to this stage I have to have a quality camera my trusty Pro Canon and many lenses for every occasion that I wont bore you with....well not for now anyway.

Below is just a selection of my enormous photographic kit that I have spent years collecting; trust me to pick an expensive hobby...

 My trusty Manfrotto monopod and Manfrotto 055PROB Tripod and hand grip head left.

Plus Manfrotto 327RC2 Joystick Head right; well I love something different in the camera products too.

With this camera I also have professional lighting and studio set ups for products and my models. Some of my studio lighting kit that I use regularly are;

                       My Pro Canon Speedlight 580EX left                2 Pro canon 430EX Speedlights &stands

To enhance my lighting setups I have 2 Bowens studio lights. Bowens brolly and background.
Gary Fong lightsphere and many lighting diffusers.

For Quickie piks (Everyone loves a quickie)
Yes I do a few quickie ones too shushhshh...we also keep a little point and click camera on us at all times, well you never know when the next Alien or UFO may appear do

 Its our trusty little Panasonic Lumix T3 compact camera. it has grabbed some incredible images in the past 5 years despite being only 7 million pixels.

Although I have just bough the newest version the panasonic Lumiz TZ 30 as I have almost killed this one, the poor thing, but its lasted for over 4 years at my side taking piks almost daily, its an amazing workhorse.

To make an image pop you sometimes need the help of props to make that product look natural, not just a white background product image, I like to make the photo look natural.
I have been collecting props for years of every different shape colour and texture.
I love to use sexy surfaces, leather, satin, silk and lace as a background to make that product look sexy, or elegant marble, glass, fur (not real) or feathers; then add sexy lingerie or jewellery. If the product has that edge something off the wall, I take it on location; yes I have been known to take my toys out to the garden, the beach, woodland, supermarket to get the right shot or light.
It adds to the fun of it too for me...very sexy!

Photographic software

After the photos are taken I upload them straight into Lightroom 3 to pick and delete and do basic editing. Eg tweaking of exposures, sharpening and smoothing if needed. Incredible software one of my favorites.

Photoshop 5
Next the images are exported to Photoshop 5 the king of all photo-editing software for main editing. If you want any photo software pick any of the photoshop series, you cant go wrong. We also love restoring images old and new.

But of course I cant do any of this without a keyboard and we both use the Logitech G19 keyboards. Its a beautifully lit keyboard with the choice of any colour lighting through it ideal for my gaming and playing World of Warcraft as you can check the processor power or simply have a clock right through to watching a video or UTube videos on its tiny screen.
I have worn the keys off 5 keyboards in 5 years with the amount of writing I do, so I always choose top of the range keyboards.

 Recently too I have been dabbling with video reviews too so not only have I got video on the little Panasonic Lumix camera; my OH bought me a top end Logitech HD Pro webcam C1910, nothing too fancy but I may consider more video equipment at a later date.

I haven't even begun to use this properly yet but its fun practising.

The monitors

To view everything I ever do I need my trusty 3 screens, yes I did say ...3 monitor screens, we both have 3 so in all we have 6 monitors and it looks like a the flight deck of The Enterprise in our studio office. Plus the software Spyder 3 Pro Elite to balance the colours and light.

Piks coming soon!

The Computers  (for the computer geeks like me, that are interested)

Im not even going to get started on our amazing water-cooled computer gaming systems we have.
I will be adding a separate post about these as its so involving and quite complicated rigs to explain in just a few sentences.
They are completely water-cooled systems ie; processor both graphic cards, motherboard, memory and hard drives. 

The 720mm twin pump radiators are in a external unit away from the PC.
My OH built this for me so I could concentrate on my photography and reviews with a silent system.

Finally I write my review in word and then add to blogger and insert the images within the review where relevant.
I usually add comparison images for many reviews either the product in my hand or photographed next to another familiar product to show sizing and shape etc.. But I always try to make anything look its best.

 So you can now see I really take my reviewing seriously and put alot of myself into every review whether its £2 to £200, I still put the same time into it.

So you wil be seeing lots of fun products coming up and I hope you will let me know what you think.

Takecare and see you all soon

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