Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gadget Girl Halloween Home Special

Gadget Girl Halloween Special

 We adore Halloween and I love that you can add some fun products to your home to make those normal days a bit more fun and quirky be it Halloween or not;
or for some mischievous pranks on your family and friends.

Bathroom fun

This classic white bath mat turns to blood red when wet; can you imagine peoples faces if they didnt know...my devil horns are appearing right now...hehehehe.


Only 12.49

To add to the realism in your horror bathroom you can even add the blood shower gel and its even scented, how nice of them lol.

For those really sick people, 
Dont even think about....seriously...eeep!
 This little beastie will float ontop of the water of your victim.
I think Id kill someone with my bare hands if they put this in my bath...you are warned....!


Bedroom Horror

Kitchen Fun


Comical or gruesome its great to have something quite different on your worktop, it may not match the utensils but its a great conversation piece.

Chainsaw massacre your pizza, a fun table gadget for any guy or girl who loves their power tools.

Great conversation piece and fun fridge magnet!

Great for the budding chef

Great for those Halloween parties.


Perfect for any party.

Lounge and Office

Even a Kindle case to keep Halloween all year round.

Guard your laptop/PC from the kids or prying eyes, this ghostly skull will unleash a deathly scream if anyone comes near.
Woohoo hoo!

Makes you smile everyday on your desk for work or play.

I fell in love with this candle too, what a fab gory idea.
Will start to bleed once the wax has melted into its skull, how cool is this.

So I hope this page has inspired you it doesn't have to be Halloween if you love anything gory and freaky. 
Enjoy Freaky Friday everyday with little gadgets in your home to make you smile through the day.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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