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Blood Faerie by India Drummond.

by India Drummond.

Sentenced to death, Eilidh ran—away from faerie lands, to the streets of Perth, Scotland. Just as she has grown accustomed to exile, local police discover a mutilated body outside the abandoned church where she lives. Recognising the murder as the work of one of her own kind, Eilidh must choose: flee, or learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything.

 I have only just started reading fantasy books and I'd read some great reviews about this book so I was really excited to have the opportunity to read this.
The Blood Faerie is the first book in the series The Caledonia Fae.  Its my first fae fantasy and I'm hooked and cant wait to read the other 2 in the trilogy.
India has beautifully intertwined a magical Fae world with our own human world with her detailed explanations making it seem completely believable! This brilliant urban fantasy book is based in Perth a small Scottish town and covers a great mix of Fae, druids, murder mystery, paranormal, evil, and a good Cop.

Its a compelling read and immediately starts with the murder of a fae; this keeps you engaged to the very end.
The characters are relatable especially Ellidh who has been exiled from her world after using her forbidden powers and sentenced to death by the elders; despite this she still has a great connection to her people and family and wants to help find the murderer.
The Character Ellidh keeps away from humans just watching out of sight in the shadows and has done this for many years during her exile. She doesn't understand the ways of humans fully and I loved watching her try to understand our normal household ways; India gave Ellidh a wonderful innocence which made me feel more connected to her as a character.
She accidentally connects up with Munro an Inspector and they begin an unusual and unlikely relationship to help solve this sadistic murder.
Through the book we discover a deeper darker world of the evil blood Fae and we watch as Munro discovers secrets about himself and his family he never knew.
I enjoyed the way India introduced us to the different types of Fae magic to quite some depth making it feel very authentic. She has a knack of pulling you deeper into this book the further you read and after only a few hours sleep I had to read this to the end and loved it.
There is a nice romantic twist running throughout the book between her old Fae flame and her growing relationship with Munro.
I would have liked to see them more romantically involved than they are...but that's just me a big old romantic...So Ive big hopes for the next few see how their relationship pans out.
This book has a brilliant dramatic ending which I wont give away and it wraps the whole book up and connects everything together just brilliant.

A highly recommended read!

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About the Author

India knew from age nine that writing would be her passion. Since then she's discovered many more, but none quite so fulfilling as creating a world, a character, or a moment and watching them evolve into something complex and compelling. She has lived in three countries and four American states, is a dual British and American citizen, and currently lives at the base of the Scottish Highlands in a village so small its main attraction is a red phone box. In other words: paradise. The supernatural and paranormal have always fascinated India. In addition to being an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader, she also enjoys mysteries, thrillers, and romance. This probably explains why her novels have elements of adventure, ghosts (or elves, fairies, angels, aliens, and whatever else she can dream up), and a touch of romance.

Please take a peek at India Drummond's website for more information on her books

All my thanks to India for sending me this book to read for my review

Watchout for the other 2 reviews in the trilogy coming soon!!!

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