Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Project PI #3 - Introducing the NEW PI Spectrum ZX 3.14

Introducing the Spectrum ZX 3.14 (ZX+Pi)
This is how Clive Sinclair should have designed the ZX Spectrum of the future.

After a bit of grovelling and offering to do some more cooking my other half agreed to let me use one of his spare ZX Spectrums.

I wanted to use a keyboard but have no way of using the original Spectrum keys so I was going to have to go for something a bit drastic and remove these original keys and replace it with another keyboard preferable Bluetooth.
The main thing was to be able to find a keyboard that will be small enough to fit inside this Spectrum Case with enough room left over to squeeze in the Raspberry PI etc.

So after some Googling and reviewing I discovered the perfect size Bluetooth keyboard + mouse that would replace the old Spectrum's keys. So knowing this was going to take some brutality with a Dremel I did some more groveling... as my other half is a whizz with this and I know he would do a fab job on removing the keyboard as its solid plastic and could easily crack with the wrong pressure etc; and then Ive not only ruined my plans but a 31 year old case...eeep.

Keys removed from the case leaving the key framework underneath.

With a bit of fun along the way.

This took alot of time and careful etching and Dremeling to grind out this solid plastic keyboard. My other half made such a neat job, don't you think...thank you huny XxX.

Just look at how gorgeous the new Bluetooth keyboard fits into the newly ground out space; its as though it came out the factory like this.
This is how the ZX Spectrum should have looked...Im just in awe at how beautiful it looks.

Underneath its attached by Fixit bonding putty and the "original" keyboard clips.

  A black blutak-esk type putty that gives you approx 15mins to play and get it into place before it sets rock hard; perfect to secure the keyboard inside the case.

 While doing the case I made a Raspberry order or mini PI haul,
From left to right;
Raspberry PI GPIO Breakout board with paddle terminals.
2 x tank tracks and wheels+motors (future project).
Adafruit 2.8" LCD screen.
 5 x Micro switches.
Micro USB.

 Note; About the new Adafruit touch screen above as much as it was the perfect size; it needed to sit on top of the PI not enough space for inside this case inclusive of keyboard. So I have returned this one in replacement for a nice and easy USB Touchscreen (seen below on the latest image - The DFRobot touch display screen on order). This new version came out the week I bought this mini haul, it seems so much more polished and looks so much nicer...sorry Adafruit.

Included into the haul was an extra pressie from my other half.

Build a weevil and learn to solder.
He thought Id love this fun little kit to get me started as Ive never soldered before; so rather I kill off a weevil than my new PI...eeep!
Looking forward to putting this together...Ill add a video of how I do later on...I'm sure that will be exciting lol!

So where am I so far...well take a look at the image above...the bottom section of the case sits underneath the keyboard and as you can see everything squeezes in nicely.
The DFRobot touch display screen may fit where you see the white square in the image above; Im waiting for this to arrive and cant wait to see it, it has a great design and look to it.
Next to the screen will be the Raspberry PI attached by the Raspberry PI GPIO Breakout board with paddle terminals...note we chose this rainbow colour as it corresponds to the Spectrum rainbow logo...just a little thing but it blends Raspberry and Spectrum together a bit more don't you think.

I am now on the lookout for a rechargeable power-pack that puts out 5v/2A and will fit, I have my eye set on one that will possibly be able to charge and power at the same time like a UPS. (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

So what do you think of the new invented Spectrum ZX so far the new keyboard gives a sexier edge to the original. But still keeping the gorgeous vintage Speccy feel to it.

No ZX Spectrum's were harmed in the making of the new ZX 3.14  ..okay maybe the keys, but they are looking for new homes...so if you need any spare keys for your ZX Spectrum contact me!
p.s All the G's are gone ;-)

 New PI Project idea coming soon...something fun....teaser.

Monday, February 16, 2015

KitSound Swing Alarm Clock FM Radio Review and video.

KitSound Swing Alarm Clock FM Radio

 I couldnt wait to show this to you guys, as I know so many of you love the retro 60's & 70's home-style products that are making a huge come back right now. We had an old record player in exactly the same colours as this adorable KitSound radio...infact I think my parents still have it.

But whatever reason you love this design, its simple clean lines and variety of colours means this adorable Swing radio will fit right into any home!

I have reviewed quite a few items from KitSound over the last year and I know I always get excellent quality sound and build. (See above) So I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this adorable radio.

At KitSound they believe your music deserves to be listened to on great quality products that doesn't cost the earth. That's why they are constantly fine-tuning their headphones, speakers etc so you can showcase your music at its best.
Click after the break for my full photo and video review of this gorgeous radio.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentines Day Pandora Charms #1

 My Valentines Day pressies.

I don't usually show you guys what I get for Valentines Day as its very personal to me; but I'm so excited as I know many of you collect the Pandora silver charms; so I wanted to share my new charms with you all.

 I got up yesterday to find these 2 gorgeous Pandora bags wrapped in a pink ribbon from the best guy in the world who knows exactly what I like.
I love my gadgety things but I also love a bit of girly bling too. 

At Christmas he bought me my very first Pandora Charm bracelet and charms (above) but I hadn't got around to showing you yet.

Here are my silver bracelet and charms I got for Christmas. The 4 silver Pandora are charms on the top row. 

The last charm is one of my favorites; a rare discontinued Pandora dinosaur and I just had to have him...well just look at that face!

The Reindeer, crystal bee and flower & trowel are from Soufeel in Hong Kong. It was the very first time I bought from out of the UK and was worried about customs. Everything arrived within 10 days well packaged in gorgeous bags, jewellery box and pouch.

 I got these 2 gorgeous pressies today for Valentines day.

 The adorable Home Sweet Home charm and the Hearts safety chain; 2 really special charms for me as I'm a sentimental old fool lol!

  My collection.

My Pandora and Soufeel charms so far.
Today is part one of my silver charm collection as I will be doing regular posts with closeups and details of every charm I have so you will get to see them in gorgeous technicolor closeup.

Do you collect Pandora or any other silver charms; which are your favorites and why, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for popping by.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Project PI part #2 Choosing the case.

This is part #2 of my new Raspberry PI 2 Build.
I wanted to choose a case for my new Raspberry PI 2 but wanted something different rather than just a standard shop bought PI case...although...thats perfectly ok too! There are so many gorgeous cases out there but they can be a bit plain and I wanted something more unique after-all it is Gadget Girl.

My other half has a wonderful collection of Sinclair micro computers a gorgeous museum to how computing all began....yes we can remember these and its so nice to see a full collection and growth of the computer industry.

Here is the wall of just some of his computers; so its now seeing if there are any spares he wont mind me cutting up...destroying...er...I mean gently modding!
It would be fantastic to combine both modern and vintage technology!

Although I don't think he'd let me sacrifice his ZX80 as his owned it for 35 years it would be the end of Gadget Girl....steps slowly away from the ZX80... ;-)
As its Valentines Day I need some serious grovelling so off to bake him an Apple Pie; a pie for a PI.

He also has this gorgeous mini ZX Spectrum phone case; wouldn't this be the most perfect PI size case for it...ok...I know...apart from all the static and fabric fibers so no, I cant use this unless I put it into a small plastic PI case first; but this would be just tooooo simple.

 If you missed my introduction post of Project PI #1 see here. I will be adding regular updates on this new Project PI series from start to finish! I want to bring you all with me.

If you building or have built a Raspberry PI 1 or 2 Id love to hear from you.
Bye for now

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Project Pi my NEW Raspberry Pi 2 #1

I simply couldn't wait to share my new Project Pi with you all...Im buzzin...!

My fully water-cooled PC.
Ive been interested in computer technology for over 30 years and helped my other half to put together my water cooled PC I'm using right now..images above. But Ive always wanted to build one completely by myself. So when I saw that the Raspberry Pi 2 had been released I just couldn't resist.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is the new version and literally only came out this month and Im so excited to be one of the first to have the Model B revision.
The original version went on sale in February 2012 and sold over 3 million to the home and education markets.
The original Pi concept was a computing board which could provide internet access with HD graphics and input output at very low cost for hobbyist of all ages. 

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is 6 times faster than the original; as well as a new quad core Cortex-A7 processor and now features 1GB RAM memory. Plus its now available with the new 1.4 NOOBS software (New Out Of the Box Software) which was still being re-written only last week.

This will be the first of many posts of my new Raspberry Pi 2 Mod and I think Im going to be addicted to these dinky PC's so it maybe the first of many projects as I have so many ideas of what I want to build this into.

The Raspberry Pi 2 arrived from RS Components in this fab packaging with their own logo. 
They offer the most affordable prices of the Pi 2 at this time...would you believe it is ONLY approx £22.85 Plus VAT. Which is incredible for the opportunity to learn modding with such a fun piece of kit! 
You can also get lots of cases and addons for it too...which is my next step!

 The Pi arrived in this gorgeous green and raspberry coloured (of course) cardboard box.

 The power supply comes with 4 different plug attachments for different countries so it can go traveling with me...if I ever wanted to take it.

There is something special about seeing the words Pi 2 Model B that is so exciting and I cant wait to start my new build...sorry "mod"...gotta get the right lingo!
You will have to wait and see what Im planning to build this baby into for my next post. I love retro versus modern tech and this will certainly be that!

So here she is in all her gorgeous naked electro-circuitboardness...isn't she beautiful!

I will be adding a series of Raspberry Pi 2 posts to show you what I'm doing; this post is #1 a quick introduction to the Raspberry Pi 2

Let me know if you like the idea of modding your own Pi 2 and what you would build it into. Do you have the Pi 1 already if so will you be upgrading to this Model B? 
Love to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day with Kitvision and Kitsound!

Happy Valentines Day!
Kitvision & Kitsound
This is not a sponsored post.


To all my gadgety readers; here are some techie ideas for your loved one.
Kitsound and Kitvision are both sister companies I have had alot to do with over the last few years and I can honestly say I have loved every product Ive reviewed with them. They are excellent quality, great design, quirky and all have incredible sound and vision.

If you have a partner that's a techie lover then you wont go wrong by getting one of these amazing gadgets; or if you are the techie lover send your partner this link as a great HINT tell them I told you too...they wont mind ;-)

The Hive was one of my favorite portable Bluetooth speakers I reviewed last year and it just had that extra style to it as well.

Plus for those of you that love the quirkiness Kitsound also do the
 Kitsound Buddy bee speaker (also in lots of other animal designs) and of course without forgetting the adorable  Trendz USB bee
Did you get that I love my bees?

Those of you that know me know how I love my more rugged gadgets and this amazing little speaker has incredible sound when hung on a tree or hanging from your rucksack or just from your handbag.
Do you go to camping or to festivals...then this little speaker will be your perfect accompaniment for you and your friends to enjoy. It charges quickly and lasts well.

Do you have to keep the noise down where you are...or are you at a busy home or in University dorms; then these over ear headphones will be for you. Great sound and clarity with inline mike for your important calls.

 This gorgeous Kitsound Swing will give your home that retro style and its small enough to take with you anywhere to enjoy some radio relaxation time. 
Watchout for my next review. 
Doesn't it look stunning with the Kitsound Clash headphones and my red tablet case too....what a great pressie to get these together for that special person...not just for Valentines day it would make a fab gift for anytime.

I know this post is for Valentines day but this is one for the kids...or bigger kids. A fun quirky way to wake-up in the mornings or just watch your favorite YouTube videos. Speaker dock which charges your phone and tablet...yes at the same time too.
One for the girls as well as the guys here. How many of you girls collect everything pink...well now you can have your own girly action cam too. There are 3 other colours to choose from too...don't worry guys you wont lose out there's black and blue too. This just adds a bit of colour to your tech and I love that. This has to be one of the best cams Ive reviewed the quality of sound and vision is just superb . 
We had so much fun reviewing this and were still using it as one of our regular cams now...love this! Its so affordable and comes with its own waterproof case and 7 different types of mount all INCLUDED in this incredible kit. You wont have to go out and buy any accessories its all there!
Checkout my full photo and video review..HERE

With the Kitsound Bee and Ladybird Buddy speakers
and....see below the adorable.....

Hope this has given you some ideas for your loved one or some ideas to give to your other half for you. 
Send them this link and Im sure they will make a great choice of what to get for you.

is the NEW

This is the updated version of the Splash I reviewed above and I cant wait to show this brilliant piece of kit. Everything you need again with all the mounts and the waterproof case...and...it has wifi!

Come back soon for my full photo-loaded review and video.

 *I just want to say I have NOT been sponsored for this post; I just LOVE Kitvision and Kitsound products so much they have really added to my love of technology.

Happy Valentines Day
to all my readers.

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