Sunday, 27 July 2014

Simon's Cat in "Off to the vet" with Indigogo

Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014

This is something special for all you cat and animal lovers out there. I just couldn't wait to share this with you all.

Im sure many of you have already heard of Simon's Cat; which is an animated web series on Youtube featuring the hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his side-kick kitten with their long suffering owner Simon.
The series was founded by Simon Tofield who had started animating at a young age using the a flickerbook. He got the idea from his own 4 cats Jess, Maisy Teddy and Huge and started to draw his ideas and Simon's Cat was born!

They now have over 3 million subscribers and over half a billion...yes I said a 
"half billion" video views!

Anyone with a cat will completely understand and see the funny side to this as Simon has the genius knack of picking up on natural cat behavior and turning them into the most fantastic hand drawn animations. What is even more genius is that he picks up on the finer points of cat behavior and making it side splittingly (is that a word) funny. It also shows us just how clever our feline friends are; I have cried with laughter many times over this cat's mischievous behavior.

We at Gadget Girl personally have been following Simon's Cat since he started in 2007 with his very first animation Cat Man do. If you haven't seen Simon's cat where on earth have you been...go right now and play the video below and tell me you didn't laugh outloud...!


 Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014

If you loved this one now go and peek at 2 more of my personal faves
"Let me in" and "TV Dinner".
or choose your own favorite from HERE

Now the Simon's Cat team who genuinely love animals, animation and comedy want to make a special film that has actually been requested by their fans.
" A trip to the vet"; anyone with a cat knows what fun and games that is trying to capture our feline friend to put in the travel basket. So Im dying to see what Simon and the team will do with this extensive subject.
 They have a campaign on Indiegogo trying to raise funding for this special film which will be bigger, longer and in "colour", something that has not been done before.

So they are reaching out to the fans to help them create their first colour 11 minute film "Off to the vet"!
Please see the promo video below from the Indiegogo site to find out more.

Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014
Indiegogo campaign HERE 

They want to raise £275,850 of which they have already received £198,113.

Why would an animation team need this amount of money I hear you say...well
Simon and his team have already invested in developing the script, storyboards and tested the introduction of the new colour. They now desperately need the funding to employ the right animators and artists to make the film.
 They also plan to produce this in the Simon can work closely with his animators!
They especially want to offer the fans high quality limited edition perks so you get great value for supporting them and to feel apart of the this special film making process.

Breakdown of the costs!

 Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014
As you can see here Simon and team have put 32% into excellent perks for the fans; I think this just shows how much they value everyone who has supported them now and in the past.
Im also pleased to see that almost half the money is going straight into the animations woohoo!
If they are successful enough to reach their goal and more; they hope to develop even more 11 minute episodes for us all to enjoy at the same excellent quality films we've all grown to love.

 Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014
Here is a quick teaser (above) of how far they have got and some brilliant images and a taster of whats to come.

They are offering some wonderful perks for becoming one of the special contributors.
Here are just some of the perks available starting from
  • ONLY £5 to get an online preview and exclusive behind the scenes blog.
  • £20 unsigned book + lots of brilliant extras.
  • £45 Simon's Cat Crew T-shirt + lots of brilliant extras.
  • £65/£85 a small signed art print, £120 medium and £180 large signed print + lots of this is special.
  • For £250 you can even get a drawing masterclass with Simon himself via Google hangout. This is an incredible opportunity for those wanting to work in animation; learn from the great man on a one to one. 
  • Or you and your pet could be immortalized forever in the new book or an a special gift this would be to a loved one or treat yourself and your pet!.
Plus lots more exciting offers and monetary options for all you Simon's Cat fans. Im sure there will be something for everyone and every pocket!

 Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014
If you are not sure about contributing to this incredible new film then this will seal the deal.
Depending which contribution you decide to join; you could receive your very own Simon's Cat plushie "but without all the mischief" lol!
 How can you resist those can you...they re so mesmerizing...mesmerizing...mesmerizing....omg he's adorable...sigh...I' love!!!

 ONLY 11 days left at the date of posting this; so go on grab your chance to be part of this great opportunity and get yourself some really special perks.
 If you cant help this time, you can still support Simon and the team by liking and sharing the link to their campaign HERE

Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014

 Also don't forget to checkout the Simon's Cat website and webshop for more information and lots of Simon's Cat gifts for you fans out there; plus see his very latest video Pawtrait .
I am so excited and I really want to see "Off to the vet" happen" and go live, I cannot begin to imagine what mischief this gorgeous fat cat will cause his poor long suffering owner Simon or the vet?

But one thing for sure you will be laughing out loud if not crying with laughter.

Spread the Simon's Cat Love right now!

 Artwork © Simon's Cat Ltd 2008-2014

Disclaimer: I have not in anyway been sponsored to write this post; just my love of this hilarious cat! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Razor Red Knife Sharpener Review

Heya people I have a little gadget new to Amazon UK that we all need in our kitchen drawer.

The lovely people at Razor Red offered to send me a knife sharpener to try for you all. This is actually a product we don't have at this time; we've had many sharpeners in the past; even an electric one which was so big and bulky it never got used.

This adorable little Razor Red is a compact portable sharpener with a power grip suction base which sharpens a variety of blades within the home from serrated knives, kitchen knives, scissors and DIY/garden blades.

See more of my photo review below

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Travel Mobile Solar Charger Dual USB Review

Hiya gadgetaholics Ive something today Im sure you will all need at some point and I'm so excited about....squeee!
How many times have you run out of charge on your phone or tablet; I bet its alot more than it used to be as we are becoming more and more reliant on our mobile devices, I know I am.

Our devices are becoming more hitech and requiring huge amounts of battery power; but manufacturers haven't been able to keep up with those battery needs; so we need a bit more help!

This is where Mobile Solar Chargers come in;

Mobile Solar Chargers are a Specialist UK retailer and "One stop shop" for all your charging needs, you seriously do not need to look anywhere else; take it from me.
 They have a charger to suit not only your device but suit you personally too; from busy everyday commuting lifestyles to traveling in the Himalayas. All of their portable power banks and travel chargers recharge from USB or mains and the solar ones have the extra addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

They have been kind enough to send me a selection of their power banks and solar chargers for me to review for you. I love getting my teeth into gadgets like these and I will be bringing you all my results and of course loadsa photos.
So today Im bringing you the Travel mobile Solar Charger

The Executive, The Travel mobile solar charger, The Banksy, AquaTrek.
Checkout Mobile Solar Chargers site for more information if you cant wait for my review.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Popcord - The new keyring charger

The Popcord keyring charger
for iphone and micro USB Smartphones

I was approached by the makers of this brilliant new idea that was on Kickstarter earlier in the year. The Popcord...I loved the idea so much I just wanted to share with you all this brilliant new invention.

Mobile phones are getting smarter but the cables arn't; well the designers of Popcord have come up with this genius idea so we don't have to carry our cables around with us. If you are anything like me you create a cats cradle design out of your charging cable just to make it smaller and fit in your bag or pocket; only to get it back out later to charge your phone, to find its transformed itself into a tangled mess of wires...or is that just me then?

All Right Now - A short Zombie story By Robert Kent

Hi Zombie fans I have another brilliant read for you today, this time a nice short one for those times when you cant get enough zombies; but you don't have the time to start a long apocalyptic novel.

I have already read one of Robert Kent's books last year "All Together Now" and I loved it, so I was looking forward to reading this. 

Prophecy Of Arcadia by MH Soars Book Review

I have a unique unusual book for the Sci-fi addicts today. When Michelle asked me if I would like to read her first book of the Arcadian wars I just couldn't resist; there was something about the plot that intrigued me. Its not the usual type of book I read and it was nice to read a different genre for me...its not!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Glamour Clutch by GMYLE for smart phones Review

For 5-6 inch smartphones. 

Something for the ladies today, I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous smartphone and wallet case from GMYLE.

Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier
Based in California and established in 2005, GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.
I have had several products from GMYLE now and I know its a brand you can depend on for your device needs.
Anything for my Galaxy S4 makes me a happy bunny so I couldn't wait to show you all; plus the unusual bronzey colour is just gorgeous. For those days when you don't need your main large hand bag and just want your phone and a credit know what I mean girls!
Slide it on your wrist and your out the door.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bird Feeding station Review


Something for you bird lovers out there today, I absolutely love birds especially the wild ones and always want to help them out.

I did have my bird feeders hanging from a beautiful tree in our garden but the squirrels had destroyed many of my feeders as well as eating all the food. Not that I mind the squirrels at all, but I was going through too many feeders.
I didn't want to stop feeding the wild birds so I decided to try a bird feeding station, hoping a squirrel wouldn't be able to climb a thin pole.

So after hunting through the internet; I finally found one I liked on offer from Argos and bought it.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Deadmau5 speaker Review

 By KitSound

Hiya gadgetaholics Ive got something quite unique and quirky today.

When Kitsound first said they were going to send me a deadmouse I thought "Your gona send me a what....okaaay....I can review that...Im a professional..."?

They then sent me the link to the speaker inspired from for the iconic "Mau5head", from the Canadian DJ and producer known as Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman. 

Who is known for wearing a giant mousehead known as the Mau5head during his performances...I knew that didn't you...!
If immediately you thought it looked like a cute version of Mickeymouse then your showing your age; if you recognized this as the Mau5head then congrats your officially trendy and cool.

So if you've always wanted a freaky looking mousehead with spooky brightly litup eyes, then this is the speaker for you.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Rhinoshield Review - My Rhino and Gorilla joins forces to protect my Galaxy S4!

Screen protector

We all live in complete fear of dropping our mobile devices or scratching the screen after spending a small fortune on the latest device; its so hard to protect our devices properly in our busy lives.
If we do damage to our screen we tend to go on using the cracked device until the next upgrade or until we can afford a new phone; this is really down-heartening.
So how do we protect that gorgeous touch screen. We go out and spend a couple of quid on a cheapy plastic screen protector.
BUT you have just spent hundreds of pounds on your device...what are you doing...its not going to do much to protect your screen is it......?
So what do you do?

You go get yourself a Rhinoshield from the UK based Evolutive labs

Personally I have quite an obsession with my screen; those that have been following me on GGR, know I have only recently got my new gadgety baby my Samsung Galaxy S4 and have been enjoying finding the right case and even the right stylus; but I have been worrying my socks off about getting the right screen protector as I can be a real clutz and if anyone is going to drop their phone its going to be me...eeep!

So when I was offered the brand new Rhinoshield to review, I couldn't wait to try it and share this with you all. Its something that everyone will want if it really works
Is this too good to be true?

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