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Exciting Reviews coming up soon

Reviews Coming Soon
Do you see something you like?

Today Im just going to let you know what exciting new products I have coming up soon on Gadget Girl reviews!
Wow only a month till Christmas its crept up fast this year, plus I have just had my Birthday...eeep and feeling alot older....sigh!

Christmas ideas or just treats for yourself; you know you can treat yourself too you know....!

November is the start of my NEW updated Utube channel
Gadget Girl TV; as I have just got a pair of amazing Pivothead Video glasses for my Birthday this month.
Kindly bought as a Birthday pressie by my lovely other half.
Thankies huny XxX

 Pivothead Recon Video glasses.
*Kudu pivotheads formally known as Recon Pivotheads.
Im going to be using these fab glases to video all my future review videos for gadget Girl TV. The camera is centralized between my eyes so you will be seeing the product as Im seeing it, as you would see it...does...that...make sense!
Definitely one of my favorite gadgets of the year for me.

Coming very soon
The amazing MeCam
Wearable tech is so big this year and the brilliant MeCam is no exception; this fun affordable piece of kit will find a use in every home. Whether wanting to record a trip to the park with the kids, a barbeque, or Christmas party coming up. You can simply pin on MeCam press play and forget your wearing it; then capture a few still piks for fun along the way too.

Bluetooth Selfie monopod
Everyone has seen the selfie pole BUT have you seen the "Bluetooth" shutter button version from GMYLE ; how easy is this to use now. No more Bluetooth remotes controls to carry around too.
You just need phone and pole.....Simples......!

Kitsound BoomBar2
Another amazing speaker from Kitsound, much improved and updated I cant wait to show you. Boombar2 with its sleek sharp lines and upgraded sound.

 Kitvision Splash
Im so excited to have the opportunity to bring you the latest Action camera from Kitvision; The Splash.
With GoPros all the rage this year and this very similar in styling I predict this is going to be a very popular buy for Xmas. I cant wait to play with this and show you what it can do.

More phone case reviews with a wonderful selection of Griffin and Survivor cases; plus an give-away for three of you to win one for yourself.

You know how I love my survival prepping products well these are right up my street despite a little late reviewing; but will make fantastic stocking fillers the Friendly Swede Parabands; which are a lovely selection of Friendly Swede Paraband survival bracelets. I have 5 different types to show you. 
Be prepared at all times; you never know when you may need the super strong cord, fishing lines, fire lighters etc!

USB LED Flexible light
This amazing Flexi-light from Mobile solar chargers works via USB on power banks like these.  Perfect for camping, hiking or during powercuts, anywhere bright light is needed quickly.

 Garrett EuroAce Metal Detector
 Garrett Pinpoint Probe and coil cover.
Black Ada Invader 2 Metal detecting trowel.
The Garrett Euro Ace metal detector and some accessories needed to make this hobby so much more fun!

1Byone Safety driveway alarm.
This is something so affordable for personal security of your home and work, a 30m range so you will always have a warning bleep when anyone is in your driveway or comes to the front door. Infact place it anywhere you need a quick warning system.
We live in the middle of nowhere so security is paramount to us and I look forward to trying this as its something we will be using 24 hours a day.
This smart charger will save you room from spaghetti wiring on your desk; with 4 normal USB's and the last 3 can charge anything even when your PC is off.
Oregon Scientific's brand NEW clock with sensors to show outside and inside weather. A perfect gift for those who need to know the time and what its doing outside without having to be outside. Will you need those thermals or not?
Plus isn't it gorgeous to look at!

The NEW Expert Shield a screen protector for my Nexus 10
Good protectors are so hard to find for larger tablets like mine.

Plus something for the kids big and little ones for Xmas. The My Doodles speaker dock which comes in a monkey or girly cute winking owl design.
I have the monkey to show you all.
(Doncha just love these animated exploded views; its so interesting)
Read more about them here. 

A camera lens mug and lid (Birthday pressie) to hold my choccy bikkies...he knows me so well lol!

My new watch, I love this steampunk urbany look with the added butterfly charm.

Geek to chic S4 phone cases.
Plus another selection of Samsung S4 phone cases Ill try and squeeze in for you.
I cant help collecting phone-cases for my S4. Im torn between my blingy girly cases and the unusual geeky styles. Above is the Dr Who open-door Tardis...incase you didn't know and a Nail polish bottle and 2 different colour aluminum battery covers; I just couldn't decide between pink and turquoise so got both as sooo cheap.

So these are just a few of the fun gadgets and products I have coming up for you guys. I hope it helps with some Xmas ideas or treats for yourself but don't forget to pop back soon for the full photo-loaded and video reviews of all the above.
Coming very soon.

Look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Bye for now gadget-aholics!

Ravage by Iain Rob Wright Book Review

Nick Adams is just a normal guy. He loves his family, appreciates his home, and covets his car. But he absolutely hates his job. Which is what makes it so difficult that not a single customer has come by his store today. It seems as though there’s a bug going around, something that has come out of nowhere and is keeping people at home. Still, it’s probably nothing to worry about. People get sick all the time.

And besides, things are finally starting to look up. Nick’s first customer of the day has just stumbled through the door…

It won’t be long before Nick’s entire life is turned upside down, sending him on a frantic journey through a ravaged world that will ultimately lead him 500 feet upwards to a hilltop amusement park. Is it the last safe place on Earth, or are the monsters at the top of the hill even worse than the ones below?


I have been reading zombie books this year like there's no tomorrow...end of the world...pun intended lol. So certain books stand above the rest in keeping you on your toes; Ravage is one of those. Its extremely fast paced and I couldn't stop turning those digital pages till the end.
I found this book when it was free on Amazon and I have to say I loved it, this is the first Iain Rob Wright book Ive read and I'm now looking into getting the next.
I would always recommend trying new books when they are free as you get read to try new authors which you wouldn't normally read.

Iain writes with gusto and realism; as a group of strangers from all different walks of life find themselves in 2 separate groups which will lead them to Ripley Heights amusement park and zoo high up on a hill away from the town.
At the beginning the book is divided into 2 main groups that we follow, the first group starts in the town.
I immediately related to Nick the phone salesman, likable, funny and just one of us; whose last customer isn't what it seems and he is eventually rescued by Dave the bus driver and a few others he picked up along the way including some escaped prisoners...which is never going to end well is it!

The second group has Annaliese a young vet called to help out a foal being born at Ripley Heights zoo. I really love this tough kick ass no nonsense young woman with a huge love of animals. I can see alot of her in me...yay girl power!
She accidentally encounters some trapped residents of Ripley Heights and helps them escape to safety risking her own life in the process. This group is run by the abrupt power hungry manager Shawcross; who is so dis-likable and you love to hate.
The two groups eventually combine; but its certainly not what it seems; there's thieving, murder and deceit amongst the newly formed group; with strong characters clashing who want to be in charge....god help those who don't follow them.
Iain has produced some brilliant evolving characters that are realistic and believable; plus one of my favorites; Lily a welcome addition to the book who lost her mate and baby too....
I loved the 2 different types of zombie; the infected newly turned who were fast and the walking dead slow lumbering both still deadly.
Iain's creativity throws you into many twists and turns bringing out the worst of human nature and engages you with your favorite characters; its fast paced as you are swept along not knowing who to trust with an unexpected thought provoking ending.

Buy yours from Amazon UK and US

Author Bio

Iain Rob Wright is one of the UK's most successful horror and suspense writers, with novels including the critically acclaimed, THE FINAL WINTER; the disturbing bestseller, ASBO; and the wicked screamfest, THE HOUSEMATES.
His work is currently being adapted for graphic novels, audio books, and foreign audiences. He is an active member of the Horror Writer Association and a massive animal lover.
Check out Iain's official website for updates at: or add him on Facebook where he would love to meet you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Zombie Fallout 8: An Old Beginning by Mark Tufo Book Review

Mike and his family escaped a vast zombie horde to find themselves imprisoned by a clandestine group that seeks global domination by the most nefarious means possible. Help is coming, in the form of a 500 year old Pop-Tart loving vampire named Tommy. Will he be enough to get the Talbots to freedom or will he succumb to monsters new and old? On top of all this Mike discovers that he is in the crosshairs of an ancient enemy and it is only a matter of time until the final showdown. 

OK same as before zombieholics; if you've read any of the Zombie Fallout or Indian Hill series and loved it...STOP and go click Buy Now! You don't need me to tell you its an aaaamazing read!

Ohh my Goodness I thought the other 7 books were brilliant but I reeeeally loved this one; its brought the whole series together and has introduced some amazing new story-lines and possibly another war...eeep!

If you've read book 7 you will know Mikes been imprisoned with his family and Thomas is on the way to rescue him. Deneaux is back with a vengeance and is up to her usual deceitful evil tricks...she has to be the most hateful person EVER...when is someone gonna throw her to the really when...argh?
Mark is one of the few authors who can introduce Knights of the Templar, more vampires and a zombie gorilla and make it absolutely believable; just run of the mill everyday thing.
I cannot stress how much I enjoy Mark's books, his writing is gripping, compelling, vivid and exciting. The dialogue is always fresh and the Talbotisms are so hilarious Im still laughing outloud.
We finally discover the depth that Tommy knows about Mike and the Talbot's and he drops a massive bombshell for the coming of Book 9...oh my I cant wait Im so excited... 9.....!

Buy yours from Amazon UK and US

Anyone new to Mark's books I highly recommend you start at book 1 where its flow and pace will keep you glued. Your Tufo addiction will become pretty bad and you may need ZF rehab; but you will appreciate Book 8 so much more when you understand how they all got where they are now.

Author Bio

Image of Mark TufoMark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corp. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution and has gone back to college at CTU to complete his masters.
He has written the Indian Hill trilogy with the first Indian Hill - Encounters being published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2009. He lives in Colorado with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs. 
Visit him at or for news on his next two installments of the Indian Hill trilogy.

All my Thanks goes to Mark for sending me a copy of this book for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.
Here are my Book reviews of the whole series so far.
Im lovin the new book covers, its exactly how I imagine these guys!
What do you think?
(Play spot the Henry on the covers...if you don't know Henry you need to read the books ;-)

More books by Mark Tufo;
  • The Book Of Riley 1,
  • The Book of Riley 2, 
  • The Spirit Clearing, 
  • Callis Rose,
  • Timothy,
  • Tim 2,

UK Blog Awards 2015 Vote Now!

Well its that time again for the UK National Blog Awards for 2015!

Ive never been entered into any blog awards before so I'm really excited!
Im so happy to be entered but it would mean so much just get shortlisted.
Gadget Girl its my full-time love to be able to share my addiction to gadgets and technology with you all.

So if you enjoy reading gadgety reviews and seeing the many photos and funny animations that are uploaded through the year. I would love it if you could just spare a few minutes to vote for Gadget Girl Reviews, it would mean the world.
Thank you!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kitsound Hive Bluetooth Wireless portable stereo speaker Review

Ive something exciting for your music-o-holics out there today, I know Ive brought you quite a number of mini portable speakers this year; but The Kitsound Hive is one I'm excited about as Ive heard so many good things and seen so many great reviews.
Ive also had the opportunity to review a few of Kitsound's products already and know what great quality they are.
 So when Kitsound offered to send me a couple of their best speakers to bring you to review I couldn't wait to try them.

 (The Boombar 2 is an upgrade to the Boombar.)

Today I'm bringing you The Kitsound Hive

Click on the jump to read my full photo-loaded review and video below

Sector 63: Ambush by Dean M Cole Book Review

Independence Day meets The X-Files in this present-day apocalyptic thriller by an award-winning author and combat pilot.

A dizzying chain of events thrust US Air Force fighter pilot Captain Jake Giard into a well-intentioned global conspiracy with extraterrestrial roots. However, as Jake finishes indoctrination into the program, it renders Earth a pawn in a galactic civil war. Within and above Washington DC, Captain Giard and two wingmen fight through a post-apocalyptic hell. On the West Coast, his girlfriend and fellow fighter pilot, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick, wades through blazing infernos and demented looters in a desperate attempt to save her family. Finally, with the fate of the world in the balance, they take the battle to the enemy, humanity's very survival hanging on their success.

SECTOR 64: Ambush is a full-length professionally edited novel based and expanding on my 2011 novella, Coup de Main, a highly rated 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards third-prize recipient. 

Sector 64: Ambush is an easy, fast paced, unputdownable read of alien invasion and race against time to save the Human race.
Its quite different to alot of books Ive read recently...apart from being no zombies its perfect for those who have a fascination for or who have aviation and flight experience and will certainly appreciate the added detail and knowledge from the author who has had first hand combat air-flight experience. This shows clearly throughout the book; making it even more realistic to us as the reader.
Dean's military experience as a pilot shows right from chapter 1 in the very first flight sequence; as its so realistic you could almost be the co-pilot. I could still understand it even with real military flight terminology.

The humans join forces with the Argonian's to fight against the terrifying Zoxyth who have vaporized millions of the worlds population and its a race against time before more ships arrive to eradicate the human race.
Couple, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick (Sandy) and Captain Jake Giard are brilliant characters; both engaging and believable;  I enjoyed the character development between them and loved the fact she is an experienced female fighter pilot too; although I wanted her role to be a bit bigger within the plot, fingers crossed for book 2.

This book will certainly appeal to those with a love of not only science fiction/ thrillers/alien invasion- esk books but those who love or have some knowledge of military flying; even though I don't...I still appreciated and loved all this extra information and detail.
I found all the main characters relatable and believable and with brilliant descriptive text you could see that 8 foot high reptilian alien right infront of you...eep! The plot is skillfully woven to a fast paced dramatic ending which leads onto book 2 perfectly cant wait.

About the Author

World traveler and commercial helicopter pilot, Dean M. Cole writes from locales as remote as Equatorial Guinea and romantic as Paris' Champs-Elysées. A combat veteran, he flew Apache Attack Helicopters in the US Army's First Cavalry Division. Website

Buy yours on Amazon UK and

All my thanks goes to Dean for sending me a copy for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Squishables Werewolf and Micro Fox Photo Review

Fox Micro Squishable
(Please give my fun animation a few more seconds to load in) 


I had to bring you something different for my favorite time of year and what better than this amazing NEW Werewolf Squishable for my
Halloween Special review!

I know these arnt gadgets but everyone loves an adorable face and a fun cuddly don't they...even those tuffy wuffy's out there....I know you smiled when you saw them?

I was lucky enough to receive these 2 guys through the post to show you all. We just couldn't resist the gorgeous Werewolf those eyes and the mouth he is beautiful and the Fox a micro version is adorable; don't they look stunning together. have been going since November 2013 and have been supplying giant soft toys both online and to a large number of stores around the country. Squishable started in 2007 in the US when founders Zoe and Aaron identified a need for more awesome range of soft toys and started to create some designs which were mostly big round stuffed animals.

Checkout my full photo-review on these gorgeous guys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombie and Apocalyptic Survival Book Reviews

I had to celebrate Halloween as its my favorite time of the year; yes I even prefer it to Christmas!

So to kick off my Halloween Spooktacular this year are a couple of books from my Zombie apocalypse collection. This is slightly different to my zombie novels Ive been bringing you; as they are complete guide's to surviving the Zombie know just incase!

Read on after the jump for more info on these fab, fun books.

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