Monday, May 23, 2016

Are you just plain bored with your plain keyboard?

Rekindle your Keyboard love

There are several different ways to jazz up that old computer you have. When it was new and shiny you may have given it a nickname cos it was fast it was cool and you were so proud; it sat where you could give it admiring glances, polish it so it shone like the technology of tomorrow and you loved showing it off to all your wide eyed envious friends.

As time went by maybe you weren't so attentive, you stopped wiping its discolored fascia or blowing the dust of the do-dars inside; then one day you may have relocated it under your desk, just temporarily you tell yourself but really its so as not to draw to much attention to thing like the 3.5" floppy drive, the coffee cup stain on the top or that beige is not such a fun color for a computer anymore...has the love really gone.

What can you do to rekindle the passion you once had for this box of bits.....let me tell you..........

You could -
1. Format the HD and reload the operating system add updates+drivers+programs+passwords; curse when all your documents and music files that you have spent years collecting, disappear. This; if the PC gods are in a good mood should remove as much bloatware as possible and might even clear the virus's, continual crashes, blue screens and reboots if your lucky.  
 Cons- Time and do you really know where all the old software discs are.
2. Overclock your old computer's CPU, memory and graphic card to within an inch of its life.
Cons- Takes time to learn the black arts and may shorten its already hard knock life.
3. Remove your ageing platter disk and fit a new solid state drive, boy will it boot up quick and be a bit quieter; but please refer back to No1.
4. Purchase a new faster processor " you need a new motherboard...Oh...and new memory...Oh...and you can't fit the old Graphic card in the new Motherboard; cos it looks rubbish...Oh...AND IT'S STILL BEIGE!"
5. You could head to your local PC shop with a large wad of cash be talked down to by a spotty teenager assistant and convinced to buy a new (old model) computer that the shop has been trying to shift for their new stock coming in the very next day, of course it will be pre-installed with bloatware and seriously overpriced, but at least then you could  
do a nice thing and give your old computer to a friend or family member, they might like beige; it may go well with the cord trousers they are wearing.
Cons...You are still responsible for fixing it when it goes wrong... COS obviously it's your fault!!!

Now think what is the one item on your desk that takes a hammering most of the time, has more bacteria on it than a truck stop toilet seat and shows that you have been playing Call Of Duty waaaay to much.

To use an old analogy if your car needs to go faster just add go-faster stripes it will feel quicker.
I give you the go-faster peripheral for your computer...bring in the love. Drumroll....The keyboard and mouse!

Pro-Gamers Keyboards and Mouse reviews coming soon!

Super Excited to have the opportunity to share with you all 
VicTsings latest 2016 release 
with multicoloured LEDs and backlights for pro-gamers

I have to see if this will replace my Logitech G-19 keyboard and Logitech mouse Im already using?
See you all very soon. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

DB Power Large rear view mirror with Dual lens Car camera Dash cam and night vision

DB Power Large rear view mirror
with Dual lens Car camera, car dash cam and "partial" night vision with 5 inch display screen.

DB Power

We all appreciate a product that makes us safer as we speed around in our busy lives and if it can also be aesthetically pleasing it has to be good, now imagine also that the product could save you hundreds of pounds or prove your true word against somebody deceitful, then you would be thinking hell-yea, I need that in my life, well read on.

So checkout this clever rear view mirror review below.

Friday, May 13, 2016

NEW Reviews of the Wimberley Plamp family, VeryFit 2, Fabercastel, TWSBI and Lamy and many more!

Hi everyone I hope your now enjoying the lovely warm weather we are getting finally in the UK.
I just had to do this post as I have alot of exciting new reviews for the planner and journaling communities out there. It just so happens that its gone crazily busy with arty products this month for reviews. So I wanted to give you guys a quick outline of whats coming up in May on GGR.

Ive been getting into my coloring and journaling in the last month as Ive been visiting my elderly Dad after his serious fall.
I was kindly sent a set of 3 water brushes to review by Xpassion on Amazon and of course what better way to review those than using watercolour pencils with them.
So I treated myself to some Faber Castel 24 Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils which Ive had my eye on for months now and I just cant wait to use them.
Reviews coming very soon!

Ive also have my anniversary pressie from my other half...super exciting for me as I managed to get a limited edition TWSBI 580AL in lilac as I absolutely fell in love with this particular colour no longer available....typical me eh!
The lovely guys from TWSBI have been amazing and they actually told me there "wasn't one purple part left in their factory". So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered THE right pen, in the right colour with my favorite "fine" nib in a beautiful shop called Akkermans in Hague Switzerland.

So to go with my beautiful new TWSBI I just had to have some purple ink...well a girls gotta have everything coordinating dont they! So I ordered 2 different shades of purple Diamine inks (I simply couldn't decide between 2 shades lol) from PurePens in the Uk; plus a pink and green.

To top it all the lovely Ruth from The Pen and Inkwell was selling her Blue and green Lamy and I couldn't resist. It arrived today woohoo!

 Just look at how it goes perfectly with my FoxiDory from Lyra and Co.
 Let me know if you guys want to have a review of this stunning little lamy?

Talk about amazing timing; I will also be bringing you guys a review on a Marco Raffine 72 pencil set and gorgeous new pencil case  which has been kindly sent to review from Feelily on Amazon.
So guys its an arty May coming up with of course a dash of gadgety reviews how could I not; so here is a snippet of the gadgety reviews coming soon.

The rear view mirror/dashcam and reverse parking cam...AMAZING piece of kit cant wait to share!

From the heart of our Bluebell wood I have a fabulous video introduction and review of the NEW family of Wimberley Plamps straight from the US
 The Plamp 2 in pik one,
The Plamp stake in the middle and the clever prototype of the NEW Plamp carbon fibre extension in pik 1 & 3.
I am beyond excited to show you guys Im so lucky to have this exciting opportunity to share these with you.

Lastly one of the very latest Smart watches from Gearbest The VeryFit 2.0 smart band. I have it on right now and Im working my through all its incredible settings.
So reviews will be flooding this space very soon!
Huge thank you to those of you that sent Get Well wishes to Dad...yes he is doing so much better now.


See you all very soon and please bear with me while I get my reviews back on track again and I will see you all very soon.

Bye for now

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bovines of the world by Jose R Castello Book Review

 Bovines of the world by Jose R Castello Book review
 Princeton Press Field Guide.
It's not just Technology that I have an interest in, you may also have seen I review books too, not just zombie apocalyptic books, Im a girl who loves her natural history As a wildlife photographer I truly love all things Nature orientated .

Ive got so many books on animals and birds, British wildlife, moths, butterflies you name it I probably have a book on it; here are just a few Ive reviewed.
 But Bovines are something you just dont see many books on if any.
Many of us animal lovers have marveled on how magnificent Bison and antelopes are and we've ooed and arred at the stunning elegance of gazelles and the adorable Dik-diks yes it is a word I can assure you.

But what do you know of these, well Jose Castello has just published the "worlds first" comprehensive gorgeous chunky guide on Bovines of the world from Princeton Press

See more about this wonderful book on Bovids below...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Lyme Lite Illuminated tick remover comb Review - Be Tick Prepared!

 The Lyme Lite Illuminated Tick comb and remover.

 If you are owned by a cat or dog, love camping or live in the country you need to checkout this review. No one likes to talk about ticks and mini monsters but Im afraid its a part of enjoying the country.  This is quite a different review for me but its an important one especially as a dog owner whose had dogs in the past that frequently got ticks during the Summer months, this was quite important to try out; especially with our new puppy.

So when I was kindly offered this new product from Lyme Lite I jumped at the chance.
Pets and people can get these on their skin and you dont want to stop your kids playing outside; after all it gets them in the fresh air and away from their computers and phones for a few hours.

 Quick tick detection tool and remover in one!

So Ive added a small video...WARNING which contains a real life crawly....icky...tick...!
Plus my main review all below.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

VicTsing USB 3 slim External DVD-RW CD-RW Drive Burner and writer Review

Do you have important videos, photos, or documents you want to save onto a hard copy; not cloud or your PC... just incase they go down...well it can happen. We have had PC, SD cards and flash-drives fail and its heartbreaking if you have valuable files on there never to be seen again!!!
A DVD Burner will allow you to save your important media onto your own DVD or CD. Keep it for yourself or share it with the family, some of the most recent PC's dont come with a CD/DVD player built in, all in the name of going minimal.

I was kindly sent a CD/DVD burner and player to share with you all.
See my in-depth review below.

Monday, April 04, 2016

VicTsing Sakura Roof Prism 8 X 21 Mini Travel folding Binoculars Review

 Something for the birdwatchers, hiking and camping enthusiasts today. Plus something I have used everyday since it arrived.
A Mini travel pair of Binoculars from VicTsing. 

If you've been following me you would have noticed quite a few products from VicTsing as they have great quality and a huge variety of fun gadgety products for everyday life.

But as a bit of a birdwatcher today I have these adorable Sakura travel binoculars, main article and video 1st Impressions below....

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DBPOWER® 9.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen + 300 games Review

 DBPOWER® 9.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel  Screen + 300 games

Do you travel alot, love your DVDs, well you may be interested in this review.
I was kindly sent this Portable DVD with swivel screen from DBPower.  I actually cant wait to get this outa the box...I know Im such a gadget nerd, especially when I found out it has a CD with 300 games...yep I said 300.

If you are regular followers of my site you know you get to choose between reading or listening to my rambles, well true to that you can read my review or  watch the video unboxing after the jump.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unroll me App for iOS and Android; Cleanup & Organize your inbox in minutes!

Hi everyone a slightly different post for you guys today.
Life is so stressy and busy and I bet the first thing you do when you wake up is to check your inbox...go on admit it...I bet you do...Okay...I do?
Chances are your flooded with junk emails from subscriptions that you probably dont even remember signing up to....soo annoying right...?

I hadn't realized how many sites I dont really want to view anymore and that I now get daily emails clogging up my inbox.
Well I have discovered a site that has literally saved me so much time!

Clean up your inbox with 1 click; unsubscribe all those sites you no longer want to follow.

Unrollme shows you a neatly arranged and easy to see list of everyone of your subscribed websites. It then allows you to unsubscribe from any of those sites whenever you want.
Bet you will be amazed at how many.......?
I had subscribed to 136 sites wow... and I have now  
unsubscribed from 55 of them
A friend of mine had over 400 sites she no longer wished to view.

 But thats not all........

Unroll me then can combine all your favorite subscribed sites into easy to find categories eg; restaurants, blog sites, shopping sites etc.

Then once your inbox is free of junk, combine your favorites into JUST 1 daily email.
 "RollUp" appears in your inbox everyday...1 email...all subscriptions...done!
Plus you can choose a time that suits you too eg; do read your mails at Breakfast...then have it arrive 8.30am...clever huh!

Oh and it saves all the ones you have so you can go back at anytime to unsub if you wish.

Its on iOS and Android too

 I highly recommend unroll me its one of the best sites Ive subscribed to. I now have more time in the mornings for the sites that I enjoy following.
Plus Im always a bit nervous about subscribing to sites and now I can do it with no real worries knowing I can unsub anytime I wish.

Just to say too; I haven't be paid or gifted in anyway to say this, I'm genuinely excited to share something that will help organize your life a little...its the little things that help to de-stress us all!

Let me know how many you unsubscribe to; Id be fascinated to know...I bet its way more than you realize?


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

VicTsing VGA to HDMI Adapter converter cable with Audio support for HDTV and PC #Review

 VicTsing VGA to HDMI Adapter converter cable
(with Audio support for HDTV and PC)

Yep what a mouthful for a title of a cable I know; but wow it saved the day.
I know this review wont be for many of you, but when you need this little beauty you...really NEED it!

So checkout my full review below and explanation of what this actually is.

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