Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ZX Pi Spectrum 3.14 build is nearly finished #5

 Build is nearly finished.

Ribbon cable

Adding the ribbon cable, a couple of gentle bends and they push right into place, this came with the break out board and has the right amount of 40 pins for the new Pi, 14 extra than the original Pi allowing me to connect extra goodies.
Just wanted to add that, that is in part why I came up with the name ZX 3.14 - Spectrum was the third mini computer from the ZX lineup, zx80, zx81, Spectrum and the 14 was because of the extra pins. Pats Herself on the back.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hyundai Stainless steel sandwich toaster review

My gorgeous wonderful Daisy cow...yes..I said cow...toaster officially died a few months ago and I have been in mourning ever since.

I cant believe I never reviewed her for you guys because now shes gone I miss her so much; she even mooed when you lifted the lid...sigh and best of all she made the BEST Marmite toasties...EVER!
 I have been craving toasties over the last few weeks; even waking up and really wanting guys Im not pregnant before one of you asks...sheesh!

So after popping into Poundstretchers for yet more wild-bird food; I saw this toaster sitting on the shelf. Did I notice the thick dust on the top...yes...but just brushed it off...did I notice the box was quite! 
Hyandai make cars for goodness sake they must be ok...mustn't you can guess where this review is going cant you.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Hoont Plug-in Electronic total pest eliminator with night-light review

Hiya people this is something a bit different, how many of you get the occasional mouse or rat near your home. Do you keep your pet-food in the shed/garage and constantly find holes in it from cheeky mice pinching a few bites.

Well we've had the occasional split dogfood or bird seed bag in our shed from mice; but thats to be expected living in the country; but still its annoying and I didn't think we could do anything about it.

Until Hoont kindly offered me one of their pest eliminators to try.
take a peek after the jump to see my full review.

Die trying by Nicholas Ryan Book Review

Best selling author of Ground Zero

Trapped amidst the horror of the zombie apocalypse, three men hear the sound of a helicopter overhead and know it represents their last desperate hope to survive the terror and reach safety.
But survival comes at a cost - and the undead hordes that ravage the world are
not the only lurking evil the men must face.
But for Mitch Logan, his brother, Jed, and their friend, Clinton Harrigan, there is no choice.
They must fight to survive - or Die Trying.

Yay another great zombie read. This was the 2nd book I've read from Mr Ryan and it was another heart stopping read from page one. Nick creates fantastic believable characters introducing Harrison a big burly Christian man and 2 brothers Jed and Mitch who are on the run fighting for survival from humans infected with the jaws virus. With a clever addition in that the dead not only turn into flesh eating zombies, but can hunt their prey successfully too.

What makes this book more unique is that it centers around a helicopter crash and the rescue of its occupants. When Harrison and the brothers discover Clive Walker and his daughter Millie alive with a dead pilot, things are definitely not what they seem.
But as with any zombie apocalypse it's not just the zombies that you need to fear; with a brilliant parallel twist running through the plot with Jed; who after 10 yrs in one of the toughest prisons is seeking revenge on his brother Mitch, keeping us all gripped.
I grew to really like Mitch and Harrigan's character's but felt I wanted more from Millie.
This brilliant fast paced creative action-fest is delivered in dramatic detail and plenty of gore to keep every zombieholic happy. Offering clear vision to whats going on so you can almost smell that rotten flesh. This was so fast paced I found myself holding my breath a few times.The ending is just fantastic and didn't see it coming, loved it.
A Die Trying 2 would be fab, but its also a great stand alone read too.

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Check out my review of Nicholas Ryan's best selling Ground Zero zombiefest too.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Rebelite Extreme Watershow Bluetooth speakers Review and video

Hiya people, with so many portable speakers on the market at this time its unusual to get something different. If you guys are anything like me and you  love your tech with a dash of fun; then you will love these speakers from Rebelite with not only great sound; but colour and water dancing...yes I did say water dancing and no its not an April Fool!

These are not only Bluetooth but rechargeable too; so I was excited to have the opportunity to review these Xtreme Water-show Bluetooth speakers for you all.

If you cant wait to read through my review; then take a peek at my full video review after the jump.
Just a quick tease of whats to come with our fun GIF.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pre-post Rebelite Watershow Bluetooth speakers video review coming soon!

Okay I don't normally do a pre-post for my reviews but I'm so impressed with these rechargeable speakers; I couldn't wait to show you just a teaser.

These take music and vision to another level; how gorgeous are these...just a take a few minutes to checkout my own GIF above.
What a unique idea to use water jets and coloured LEDs to pulse in time with your music. I keep finding myself mesmerized and they are so calming too.

Full video review and loadsa pikies coming in the next few days.
I actually cant wait to show you guys my full video review.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Project Pi ZX 3.14 Part #4 - The Build

Welcome to the NEW ZX 3.14
You don't need me to explain the name do you...?

So I'm back again with Project Pi #4 and I have finalized the name ZX 3.14 (Pi...right) Phew!

If you haven't seen my previous posts here are the links to get you up to speed...where have you been...sigh lol!
Project PI #1 Introduction.
Project PI #2 Choosing the case.
Project PI #3 Introducing the new Spectrum.

My last post showed you all the bits ready to go into the Spectrum case but weren't fitted yet. So I will now go through with you how Ive managed to fit everything into this case and I must admit when I had everything in front of me I started to have some doubts whether I could get everything to fit...eeep!
So lets get started.......

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wireless Phone chargers NEW site NEW products!

One stop shop for all your charging needs!

Hi guys and girls I'm sure you remember me raving about some amazing phone and device chargers I reviewed last year. If you've forgotten then the pik above should remind you.
You can see 2 power banks and 2 QI chargers all from the same company.

Cast in order of appearance is;
 Premium Ultra Thin QI Wireless Phone Charging Pad
and a USB LED bendy light.

I can honestly say I'm STILL using each of these products and so often they've actually saved the day; as both my phone and tablet have the worst battery life.
Plus we often get power-cuts too and we need the combination of power banks and Qi wireless Chargers.

But now Mobile Solar Chargers have an amazing NEW site purely devoted to QI Wireless chargers and Im so excited about this as since using these QI chargers I haven't looked back, its not only Hi-tech its so convenient and easy, no cables just pop your device onto the charging pad and go grab a coffee.

All of us have so many devices which need charging, the bog standard chargers have trouble keeping up with the ever growing technology.
But Im so excited to see that Wireless Phone Chargers have managed to find you guys some state of the art NEW Qi Wireless Charging Technology for your devices.
Here are just a few of their NEW products.

QI wireless charger and Powerbank
This is fantastic new technology and if you like to keep up with the hi-tech Joneses; then go grab yourself one of these, as you not only get a 7000mAh powerbank but its a QI charger as well...!
Yes I said...QI charger too...a wireless powerbank!!!
 It works as a standard premium wireless pad when connected to a PC or mains usb power supply. When disconnected the battery retains a further 2 + portable wireless phone charges or 3+ if using usb charging.
You wont see many of these around at the moment!

 3 coil Qi Charger stand
Another new product; isn't this beautiful; so elegant and sleek.
Remember with Qi technology you can lay your phone in any position and still view videos due to the 3 coils inside which will find your phones receiver card. No phone cables getting in the way. (Receiver cards also sold separately).
Ive seen cheaper versions sold elsewhere which only have 2 coils but these don't often charge properly.

3coil Folding Qi wireless charger
Another gorgeous sleek design plus this stand actually folds back at any angle you wish; even to flat.

So this is just a taster of some of the brand new Qi Wireless Chargers that I haven't seen anywhere else and so affordable too.
 Go check out their new site and be one of the first people to have some new technology to show off to your family and friends.

If you are going to the Gadget Show Live on the 8th and 12th of April then go and check them out personally and see these gorgeous gadgets in action.

 Bye for now

Friday, March 20, 2015

Nutribullet Pro 900 series review and videos Part 1 & 2

Im really excited to bring you all something quite special this week.
  • Do you need to improve your digestion?
  • Do you need to improve your sleep?
  • Do you need more energy?
  • Does your hair, skin and nails need a bit of help?
  • Do you need to reduce your stress?
Did you know you can start to help all these things with 1 Nutriblast a day which will give your body the tools to start healing itself!

Whats a Nutriblast...I hear you its not exploding bananas its a nutritional drink/ meal in a cup!

Produced quickly and easily by the Nutribullet Pro 900 series a nutritious super food extractor.

Please click the jump to see my full photo-loaded review and 2...yes I said two Nutribullet videos.
You can tell I'm really excited about this cant you!!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mums like tech too! Mothers Day gadgety Inspiration for Sunday 15th March

Mums like tech too!

Hi everyone...are you rushing round trying to decide what to get your Mum for Mothers Day on Sunday?
Shame on you leaving it so too ;-)

Of course chocs and flowers are the Mothers day staple but have a quick think; does she use a smart phone, tablet, kindle and/or PC then your Mum loves a bit of tech too.
So here are a variety of gadgety ideas for those Mums who love a bit of tech. These products are all items I have tried and tested and can absolutely vouch for and would love to receive as a gift. Click the links underneath to see my full photo review. There is a mix of UK and US products.

This is a genius fun and whimsical affordable little action camera; this takes wearable tech to its best as you simply pin it on your clothes and carry on; perfect to capture fun family gatherings like parties, barbeques without having to worry about carrying a camera and missing the fun; now you simply press play and forget you wearing it.

Most of us have Kindles nowadays and I feel most Mums love a bit of peace and quiet to read a good book on their Kindle. Then treat your Mum to a fab case that looks like a stunning book cover. Klevercase's offer an amazing selection of covers for everyone's taste.

  The Single Pen Quiver for notebooks and journals. (US and UK)
I have to say every Mum Im sure, would love one of these in beautifully handmade leather.
How many times have you been without a pen or stylus when you need it. With the Quiver it slips easily onto the notebook, journal or tablet to not only keep your pen in place; but they will give your notebook an elegant old world charm feel. 
The Gerp (US) 
Next is this unique looking gadget The Gerp which suckers firmly onto your gadgets. Its sitting on my desk now what a fun gadget to use as well as being so damn useful.

  This selection comes from a 1 stop shop for all your charging needs
I have 3 different types of charges to take you from home to car to traveling.
First charging at home with the Premium Ultra Thin QI Wireless Phone Charging Pad Just pop your phone ontop while grabbing a coffee surfing or on the phone; I haven't stopped using mine since it arrived; its amazing and looks so elegant and sleek too.
Next charging in your car with the  QI Wireless Car Charger and Cradle which charges wirelessly while your in the car to work or traveling etc. 
Finally from this brilliant company is a rugged waterproof charger to take anywhere The holiday essential the Aqua Trek USB Waterproof 7800mAh Charger perfect if you know Mum is off traveling, camping, boating this year. I have been using all three of these gadgets above as each has its own busy place in my life and found them invaluable; I simply cannot do without these as I always need more charge on one of my many gadgets.

Does your Mum love photography like I do; then Photojojo offer these 3 amazing lenses which magnetize onto your phone. Its fun and affordable and you can really grab some amazing piks you wouldn't normally be able to. Checkout what I managed to capture last Summer.

A stylus is something so many of us use but does your Mum love art; does she sketch or paint using a tablet. Then the Sensu is perfect with a 2 in 1 normal stylus...and a...paint brush with conductive hairs so you have the real feel of painting with a brush. Plus just look how elegant and beautiful it is.

Does your Mum juggle with laptop, tablet and phone; then look no further surprise your Mum with one or 2 of these Sidecars. I bet she wont have seen these before so you get extra kudos for being the best pressie giver ever!

 KitSound and Kitvision (UK)
I cant go without mentioning one of my favorite gadgety companies Kitvision and Kitsound. As I said on my Valentines post their sound and vision products are affordable fun and brilliant quality....who wouldn't want to receive any of the above. Everyone enjoys music so checkout the KitSound Hive Bluetooth speaker or the mini fun buddy bee speaker which makes you smile too.
KitSound Clash On-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic look stunning and has great sound. The Kitsound Cadet rugged Bluetooth portable speaker is perfect for camping or hiking or simply in the garden. But my favorite 2 products has to be the KitVision Splash Action cam...oh my goodness what an incredible camera as it comes with all the mounts and a waterproof case you could ever want for. Then there is the stunning Kitsound Swing radio alarmclock this is one of the most most beautiful retro radios Ive seen and matching sound quality to boot.

For something a bit more personal checkout this beautiful paperweight from where they have a huge variety of products to make it a tad more special to say you love your Mum.

 I hope this has given you all some ideas but if you still need some Mothers day gadgety inspiration then checkout my full gadget review page for products in the UK and US. HERE

So all you Mums out there have a great day. 
I just hope my furred and feathered babies remember its Mothers Day on Sunday...sigh...!

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