Monday, June 29, 2015

WAVEstream Bluetooth Soundbar speaker by Rebelite Review

Hiya I have something for you music-aholics today I was kindly sent some gadgets to show you from the lovely guys at Rebelite

Rebelite are one of the largest distributors of cellular phone/tablet accessories in the US. Their state of the art product line is rigorously tested for the best possible performance.

See after the break for more details on this gorgeous Bluetooth speaker.
With an unboxing and review video too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

KitVision Escape HD5W Waterproof Full HD Action Camera Review

with Accessories

Im excited to have the opportunity to show you guys this incredible piece of kit.
Do you love your camera's and video, always wanted a GoPro but just cant justify it, Well now you can have that technology for less than half the price with a bag full of accessories.
Are you planning an adventure holiday, or are you off hiking, mountain biking, abseiling or do you just want to capture every part of a special moment to treasure and keep in Full HD video and 12mp photos.

If you have been watching my reviews you would have seen my action cam The Splash in December also from KitVision.

(Scroll down as well for series of 3 videos Part 1& 2 part very soon.)
I warn you guys now its a long review as Ive so much to tell you and show you as I have lots of video footage as well as photos soo...go grab a drink...some nibbly's and I'll begin.

Where's WALL-E?
Confused....see more after the break.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bird and Butterfly Wooden Storage Trunk Review

"I am addicted to boxes", there I came right out and said it, "Im a boxaholic". I have an addiction to boxes and storage; any size, shape or colour. Every Birthday or Christmas it was'nt about the goodies inside, it was all about the BOX!
Nowdays I have become at one with my addiction of all thing Box-like, better still the more vintage and shabby chic style it is the more my pulse races, so when I saw this gorgeous butterfly and bird box it was love at first sight.
Can you imagine how I felt when The Basket Company kindly offered to send me one to show you guys.
 The Basket Company offer an incredible variety of baskets in natural stylish and timeless designs in Sea-grass, Rattan, Water-hyacinth and more.
Plus wooden designs like this trunk in vintage Butterfly and bird and vintage floral.
So gadgetaholics, no buttons, led's or volume, no lights or sounds its simply beautiful vintage chic at its best and the only way I can show that is by photos and a snippet of video; as even gadgetaholics love beautiful things for their home.

Read on to see photo's, animations and a video.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Pet Solar Grasshopper Review

Meet my new pet, Peeve the Grasshopper

My other half knows exactly what makes me smile; no its not just handbags, but gadgets that also have the cute factor  (if you think bugs are cute like me that is lol).

I was surprised with this adorable solar powered grasshopper a perfect combination of my passion for photographing bugs and gadgety things.

See the video and more piks after the break.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Grab your Half Price Jumping Jack Frost and Harry Shotta Limited edition Pump Audio earphones

Those of you that follow me will recognize the name Pump Earphones from my full photo review in January. 
I absolutely love these Pumps with gorgeous sound quality and now 2 limited edition Pumps have been released by 2 major names in the music industry.

Harry Shotta and Pump Titans by Jumping Jack Frost they are identical to mine but with these gorgeous limited edition colours are endorsed by these 2 big names.

But don't hang around if you want a pair as there are only 500 of each available, so when they are gone they will go up to full price £99.

Sorry Guys they are both backup to full price, congrats to those who got theirs for half price!

But they are still fantastic earphones sooo worth it.

for Half Price until all 500 of each are gone.
Use coupon code: 500 during the Launch Promotion ONLY to get 50% off!

My Special Edition Pump Audio Earphones are MOVING!!!!Only 162 left out of the limited edition 500 first run & they only came out yesterday!!!!
Posted by Harry Shotta Official Fan Page on Friday, May 8, 2015

 Checkout this legendary music pioneer Marshall Jefferson; "The Father of House Music" reaction to the Pump Titans by Frost.

If you want to know more about them first checkout my own review here.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Omega 3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400mg for brain and heart (odourless & Burpless) 180 softgels Review

 (odourless & Burpless)

Something a bit different from my normal gadgety reviews...but hey we all have to think of our health don't we.

I was contacted by Life & Food Pro asking if I would like to try these and of course I jumped at the chance; anything that helps improve brain activity and concentration is plus a with me lol.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

PetShopBowl Doggy Unboxing and Treat Testing Review

What do you mean its all mine...really...all of it????

I was excited to receive a few petfood samples for my elderly pup from the lovely
I know its not exactly a gadget but many of us gadgetaholics also have pets; so I want to introduce you to our gorgeous boy and let him take over the reviewing today. is not only an extensive online petshop but they also offer a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. So people who struggle to get out shopping will never run out of their dog/catfood petfood, no more last minute dashes to the supermarket; its delivered ontime to your door.
They are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of the staff are pet owners so they understand the needs of other pet parents.

Read on to see what they kindly sent for my elderly fella and how he got on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens review

I'm hopping up and down with excitement as my new photography toy has arrived. Those of that know me know how much I love my photography its been a hobby since I could hold a camera over 40 years ago now....eep!
I was originally brought up with film cameras where I even developed my own prints using the developer, fixer and rinse and you can never take away that moment your image starts to appear through the tray of liquids, similar to the fun of using a Polaroid camera...but without standing in the darkroom choking on the chemical fixer fumes lol.
Saying that; it still brings back really fun memories.

I have 5 main lenses which I use with my Canon 7D as I adore taking a variety of styles of photos from lifestyle and product photos to my wildlife images and my all time favorite my macro bug images. More recently I have enjoyed being more creative within the camera and have wanted a faster lens with more bokeh for years. The widest I have is a f2.8 on my Canon Macro lens but I wanted more and at last I finally have it.
See after the jump how I chose the right lens to suit me and a full review of the gorgeous Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ZX Pi Spectrum 3.14 build is nearly finished #5

 Build is nearly finished.

Ribbon cable

Adding the ribbon cable, a couple of gentle bends and they push right into place, this came with the break out board and has the right amount of 40 pins for the new Pi, 14 extra than the original Pi allowing me to connect extra goodies.
Just wanted to add that, that is in part why I came up with the name ZX 3.14 - Spectrum was the third mini computer from the ZX lineup, zx80, zx81, Spectrum and the 14 was because of the extra pins. Pats Herself on the back.

Please see more after the jump.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hyundai Stainless steel sandwich toaster review

My gorgeous wonderful Daisy cow...yes..I said cow...toaster officially died a few months ago and I have been in mourning ever since.

I cant believe I never reviewed her for you guys because now shes gone I miss her so much; she even mooed when you lifted the lid...sigh and best of all she made the BEST Marmite toasties...EVER!
 I have been craving toasties over the last few weeks; even waking up and really wanting guys Im not pregnant before one of you asks...sheesh!

So after popping into Poundstretchers for yet more wild-bird food; I saw this toaster sitting on the shelf. Did I notice the thick dust on the top...yes...but just brushed it off...did I notice the box was quite! 
Hyandai make cars for goodness sake they must be ok...mustn't you can guess where this review is going cant you.

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