Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Squishables Werewolf and Micro Fox Photo Review

Fox Micro Squishable
(Please give my fun animation a few more seconds to load in) 


I had to bring you something different for my favorite time of year and what better than this amazing NEW Werewolf Squishable for my
Halloween Special review!

I know these arnt gadgets but everyone loves an adorable face and a fun cuddly don't they...even those tuffy wuffy's out there....I know you smiled when you saw them?

I was lucky enough to receive these 2 guys through the post to show you all. We just couldn't resist the gorgeous Werewolf those eyes and the mouth he is beautiful and the Fox a micro version is adorable; don't they look stunning together. have been going since November 2013 and have been supplying giant soft toys both online and to a large number of stores around the country. Squishable started in 2007 in the US when founders Zoe and Aaron identified a need for more awesome range of soft toys and started to create some designs which were mostly big round stuffed animals.

Checkout my full photo-review on these gorgeous guys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombie and Apocalyptic Survival Book Reviews

I had to celebrate Halloween as its my favorite time of the year; yes I even prefer it to Christmas!

So to kick off my Halloween Spooktacular this year are a couple of books from my Zombie apocalypse collection. This is slightly different to my zombie novels Ive been bringing you; as they are complete guide's to surviving the Zombie know just incase!

Read on after the jump for more info on these fab, fun books.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kidde Smoke Alarm twin pack with Emergency Escape Light Review

 Kidde Smoke Alarm twin pack with Emergency Escape Light

Most of us nowdays know the dangers of fire in the home and have at least 1 or 2 fire alarms.
We have so many electric cables in our house; we have to be extremly careful and have fire alarms upstairs and downstairs. But recently our aging 2 fire alarms started playing up and going off for any reason whatsoever and yes; we did change the batteries but sometimes they are beyond help. 
So my other half scoured online and discovered these clever smoke alarms manufactured by Kidde a known and trusted make in alarms.
See why they are extra special in my full photo review after the jump?

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Original Buddy Stylus from Sensu Review

The Original Buddy Stylus from Sensu

A NEW genius design from the makers of the Sensu;The Buddy stylus cap to fit onto your favorite pen or pencil its as easy as that!

Last year I reviewed the gorgeous Sensu brush and stylus from Sensu and haven't stopped using it since. Its truly been used everyday for over a year now.

So when I was kindly sent the NEW Buddy Stylus to show you all; I couldn't wait to put this simple fun design through its paces.

Click after the jump for my full photoloaded review!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OXA NFC Bluetooth Natural Wood Design portable wireless stereo speaker Review

2014 will certainly be known as the year of the portable speaker or it will for me anyway. I have had the opportunity to try quite a few of the new speakers that have flooded the market this year.
This speaker from OXA really took my interest over some of the other Ive reviewed due to the fact it has NFC and I'm a complete sucker for LED's and touchscreens plus its sleek elegant black design. I have also reviewed quite a few products from OXA and know they have really fab modern design and excellent quality products.

OXA is a San Hose, CA based designer and manufacturer of external batteries and accessories for mobile products. They have a tagline
"More Juice, more life," 
represents their foundational principles of extending the life of your mobile devices so you are never without them.
As a newcomer to this industry they offer the latest most advanced technology in the marketplace for the best price.

Click the jump to read my full photoloaded review

What is NFC and do we need it?

I have been receiving some questions recently and I thought I would answer this in a full blog post as I have had so many queries about these big initials appearing in our devices.
Most of us have got used to wifi and bluetooth to transfer data between our techie toys; but many devices now are coming through with NFC as what is it?

What is NFC?
Well NFC stands for Near Field Communication not charging as many of you have been asking me. Sorry you cannot charge your new smart phone with NFC.
So what does it do and how does it work? Well I will try to explain without getting too complicated.

The Clue is in fact in the name!
Near - means it allows you to pass on information or data next to or near another device with NFC without using keyboard or screen; but just being close enough.
You can simply bump...okay...gently touch... the devices together and voila your chosen image or document is passed quickly straight from one device to another. It really is super cool and I have only just started to use it myself recently as its so fast!

The Science Bit
NFC actually came before Wifi and Bluetooth as its derived from RFID a Radio Frequency Identification technology mainly used by superstores to keep track of their stock; not only for stocktaking but with shoplifters. A shoplifter will walk past 2 sensors near the main door triggering an alarm by a tiny sensor on the product they are carrying; using no physical contact they were just close enough to the signal to trigger the stores alarm.
NFC is a short range low power communication between 2 devices. One initiator uses a magnetic induction to create a radio-wave field that the target device can detect and access; allowing small amounts of data to be transferred wirelessly over a short distance. It must be less than 4 inches.
In my experience I have to be touching my devices; certainly no way I could go 1 inch let alone 4 inches. It may depend on your device however.

It wasn't until I got a speaker to review recently with it in that I really gave my NFC on both my Nexus 10 and S4 a full workout!
The tag is on the bottom corner and Im able to just hold my S4 and Nexus 10 against it and it automatically turns on my Bluetooth and starts playing the last song I played before. This has been brilliant.

Now you have it, what else can you do with it?
NFC technology allows smartphones and other enabled devices communicate with other devices with the NFC tag.

Near field technology allows you to pay, play and learn more easily. So what does the future technology hold for NFC; here are some ideas which are already being put into practice by some firms and companies.
  • You could swipe your phone at your local supermarket checkout to pay, wave it at the display at your local museum, or bumping phones with your friends and family to share the latest games and music..
  • Off to work; NFC could unlock and lock your car.
  • Traveling;  Pay for your tickets by waving your phone over the gates; like an oyster card. Up to date information on times, schedules and delays appear on your phone.
  • At work; Clock in by swiping in and out with your phone.
  • Shopping;  Coupons and reward points are already pre-loaded on your phone and adjusts your total accordingly when you checkout.
  • Concerts and events; download your ticket online and use your smartphone to gain access to the concert. Interact with posters for info about that event  and up and coming performances.
  • Finally you can do this already as you hang with your besties and share games, music, links and information; by bumping can now officially bump and grind...without...blushing in public!

The possibilities are endless of what manufacturers could do with NFC, its most certainly going to replace barcodes with more techie NFC tags.
So this brilliant new technology is designed to make life easier, quicker and more convenient in our super busy lifestyles.

Pro's of NFC
  • No need to carry your purse or wallet...just your phone with less chance of pick pocketing or mugging.
  • No need to carry keys where you can have NFC locks and phone swipes.
  • No need for car keys, with the posh cars of course.
  • Get tickets for traveling and events in seconds without waiting for the post to deliver on snail mail.
  • Have all your information on one device.
  • NFC can turn on your Bluetooth connection between phones for sending larger amounts of data from a further distance range than the NFC covers.
  • However it all goes to pot if you get your phone stolen.With all this information on your phone it makes it even more important to protect it; by password protection as well as on your body or out of sight in a handbag.

Is NFC on your phone important?
Honestly right at the moment no not really; we can all manage quite happily with Bluetooth and wifi but with anything; its great to have the latest and greatest and manufacturers are already adding it to phones and tablets for future use.
The potential is huge however and I have already been using it as its most certainly faster than Bluetooth, Ive found its instant when sharing an image or document.
But do we NEED it right now on our phone, do you have to buy a phone with it on..not if you don't want to. But if you love technology like me its a real bonus to just play with this clever future technology.

Does your device have NFC, how much do you use yours?
Let me know what you think below or send me an email?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Indian Hill 4: From the Ashes by Mark Tufo Book Review

Indian Hill 4: From the Ashes by Mark Tufo

 It has been three years since the Progerians left their mark of devastation upon Earth. The remaining humans are in a desperate race against time as they do their best to reverse engineer the alien technology they captured, in an effort to bolster their beleaguered defenses against the oncoming onslaught of Progerians hell-bent on revenge. Revenge against the humans that thwarted their take-over and revenge against the subordinate Genogerians that helped.
Michael Talbot once again finds himself at the forefront to protect all that is sacred to him. He will receive help from some unexpected allies but will it be enough? 

 Okay before I start...have you read Zombie Fallout or Indian Hill 1-3...then STOP and go and click buy now; you know your gonna love the adventures of Mike Talbot without reading what I think...go you go! ;-)

Mark does it again and I'm sure you are all sick of me raving about his books; I simply cant help it they really are that good. I absolutely loved book 4 in the series and I'm falling in love with Dee almost as much as Mike. The one liners are just genius and Im laughing outloud like a crazy
Marks character developments are effortless and I was so excited to find another well loved character introduced to the storyline...woohoo we all love BT and their amazing banter...I suddenly feel Im home again.

This book is 3 years after book 3 and earth is yet again in trouble from the Progerians and I loved how Mike and Tracey this time get to fight together; she really has a huge part in this book and gets to kick some serious alien butt and proving herself to be as bad ass as her hubby. They are a model military couple but they have a new unexpected danger. Beth is becoming more and more jealous and cruel as time goes on; who seems to be successfully turning life-long friend Paul against them.

Were right behind Mike as he tries to integrate the freed Genogerians into our human world ready to fight together against the Progerians; but its never going to be easy is it with Mike.

I seriously cannot wait for Book 5 with another fantastic nail biting ending when all seems lost for planet earth; talk about unexpected alies!
As Ive said so many times before with every other book from Mark Tufo you could read this as a stand alone book; but if you start from Book 1 and read through to here you will enjoy it so much more. 
If you've never read a Tufo book go grab book 1 and let me know what you think; I'm sure you will be as hooked as I was.

Buy yours from Amazon UK and Amazon US
Mark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corp. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution and has gone back to college at CTU to complete his masters. He has written the Indian Hill trilogy with the first Indian Hill - Encounters being published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2009. He lives in Colorado with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs. Visit him at or for news on his next two installments of the Indian Hill trilogy.

Please see the Goodreads book list of all of Mark Tufo's books available Here

All my thanks goes to Mark for sending me a copy for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

See all my Book reviews from the Mark Tufo.

Match: A supernatural Thriller By William Massa Book Review

By William Massa
Online dating. A great way to connect in a wired, increasingly busy world, but do you really know who hides behind the smiling pictures? The flirtatious text messages? What if the person on the other end of the dating profile isn’t quite what they appear to be… WHAT IF THEY AREN'T EVEN ALIVE?

Mark found her photo on a popular dating app that was all the rage. Her name was Akasha, and she was beautiful. Seductive. Irresistible. She wrote that she was looking for friendship. Love. A real connection.

But Akasha is concealing a horrible secret. Now Mark must solve a terrifying mystery if he is to save those he loves the most and survive a dangerous obsession.

I was excited when I received William's latest book Match as Ive loved every book he's written (see my previous reviews below) ...most authors stick with the same genre but not Mr Massa he tinkers with different ones just to keep us alert so you never quite know what exciting read is round the corner for us.

Match is something quite different but another brilliant supernatural thriller which I read in one sitting. I don't want to give too much away but I can say its fast paced and keeps you turning those digital pages till the end.
Mark's brother Josh is mysteriously killed in a house fire and his last word to his brother Mark before he died was "Akasha"; but the fire department were happy it was a typical lads pot and drinking accident.

Mark finds and contacts Akasha to findout more about his brothers death; but of course its not going to end well and he opens a Pandora's box of problems from the outset. Fearing for his and his girlfriend Lynn's life; sends him on a detective hunt to find out whats behind her stunning Facebook and dating app profile.

Mr Massa has created a chilling skillfully woven story of the dangers of dating in making bunny boilers look tame; stalkers human or otherwise are scary enough as just meaningless meetings can be totally construed wrongly resulting in terrifying consequences as Mark finds out.

But what creates a stalker is not always what it seems...who is Akasha; I loved this fast paced storyline finishing this book in one sitting. An engaging read with believable characters you want to root for and realistic descriptive writing where you can almost feel the heat of the flames on your face.
Its another fab read from the library of William Massa and a brilliant novella for a weekend away to immerse yourself in supernatural horror.

 Buy yours from Amazon UK and US

Author Bio

 William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor.

Visit for news, updates and announcements.

All my thanks goes to William for forwarding me a copy of this book for this review. 
All my views and opinions are my own.
Please read more of my book reviews from William Massa.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sidecars Venostech smart devices for mobile dual displays Review

Venostech Sidecars
Betcha cant guess first time what these are for...can you...?

When I saw these on Kickstarter I was really excited. I love a product that's simple and really useful for everyone...yes I mean everyone that owns a laptop. So what is it...?
How many of you work solely from a laptop for work, college or university many times have you needed an extra screen to work from. Maybe you dont have the space for a full PC media center with 2 to 3 monitor set-up due to living in a university dorm, or traveling frequently from hotel room to hotel room.

 Until now....Call in VenosTech and their amazing Sidecars; I'm super excited about this product as its something I know Ill be using alot!

The Sidecars attached either side of my large 17 inch Asus Aspire laptop holding my Nexus 10 and Samsung S4 for extra screens...heaven!

Venostech are a design company run by Matt Fuch and Adrian Velazquez who specializes in creating cool products that solve simple problems. With their launch product the Sidecar funded with Kickstarter its their mission to increase productivity of computer users that are "on the go" connecting them to their information and displays in an elegant practical manner.

Read on for my full photo-loaded review on these genius gadgets.

My Doodles Wireless Speaker Dock in Kickstarter

My Doodles Wireless Speaker Dock in Kickstarter

I see so many brilliant ideas and products come through Kickstarter; but some I get really excited about when I know it will be so popular, especially with the kids and the big kids.

So I couldn't wait to show you one of the latest ideas with a new partnership from Kitsound and My Doodles.
Ive already reviewed quite a few products for Kitsound already and know what fab quality their speakers are; so I know this will be an excellent quality product for your child or you.

Tablets are going to be a permanent part of your child's life from now on for learning, communicating or just for play; yet how many times have they dropped it as they have fallen asleep at night. Sheesh Ive done this myself.

 Taking inspiration from the My Doodles characters they have designed 2 popular children's characters; the Monkey and the Owl.
Which one do you like...go on I know you have a favorite; mine is the pink owl or is it the can you choose...its those eyes!

Speaker docks don't have to be boring anymore! Kitsound and My Doodles have designed this fun new dock which will keep your child's tablet safe and enable them to use it hands-free with large buttons on the front of the dock to pause, play and skip; as well as change volume without having to go into their device each time.

Being a techie lover I just cant stop watching this gif to see how everything works.

They really have thought of everything with;
  • Repositioned drivers to project the sound more.
  • Added more padding on the character face to hold the device securely and prevent vibration.
  • Big feet for more stability.

Its a fun tablet or phone stand so your child can comfortably watch movies, play music or Skype with their friends with superior sound experience. As well as keeping the device safe and secure while it charges at the same time.
It delivers 2.1 audio at 20 watts.
It uses Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, MP3 player or tablet.

With a range of up to 10 meters your child can enjoy their movies etc from sitting in bed and the tablet remains in the safety of the bedside table.

It can even charge both devices at once !

So do you want some Hitech tech for your child in time for Christmas. Just checkout the various affordable bundles and help get these in your children's stocking before Christmas.

Starting from a £1 you can become one of the backers of this brilliant new campaign.

Here are just some of the great Bundles available and so affordable too!

  You can really splash out and get your child something special this Christmas
 that no one else will have; they will love being the be the envy of all their friends.

For many more bundles see the Kickstarter site and save more money.

Help the team reach their goal and to deliver more docks in time for Christmas.

Goodluck Everyone!

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