Sunday, February 07, 2016

Thorfire S50 Ultra bright 2000 Lumen Flashlight Cree XHP-50

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping snug and warm on these dark Winter nights. 
I have another fabulous product from Thorfire for you today; with these dark nights you need all the light you can get out in the garden or walking the dog. Thorfire have just brought out one of their strongest torches yet with its 2000 Lumen's beam...yes...I did say 2000 Lumen's.

I just cant wait to show you just how bright this is, it lights the garden up.
 I have posted a full video review and night time shoot so you can see this in action. Its made for the military and now sent to me and I'm so very pleased to show you guys what I perseve to be one of the best torches out there. 
Have a look at how bright this bad boy is....

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Websters Pages Colour Crush Planner unboxing and first impressions.

You may have seen about a week ago I published my Happy Planner 1st Impressions. Yep even gadget-a-holics need planners.
I had originally purchased the Happy Planner before Christmas so I could give you all a fair opinion. but since then I hadn't quite found my
"Planner Nirvana".

So guess the beginning of January I sort of made another purchase...oops...the Websters colour crush personal planner. Today I want to let you know what I think of this it working for me...?

I have added a video review too so you can listen or read my ramblings...either way grab a coffee and bikky.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Happy Planner and my 1st Impressions

I know this isn't a gadget post but all us gadgety people need to organize our lives at some point with work or homelife; so I thought you guys maybe interested in my search for what I think is the perfect planner . 

From October last year my life suddenly changed with the loss of my Mum, this made so many changes across my life as you can imagine. I wanted to keep going with Gadget Girl but its involved me to become better organized with my time. So after lost of reviewing videos on YouTube and loads of review I chose the Happy Planner from MAMBI

So see what I thought of my very 1st Happy Planner.
I have added a video review too so you can listen or read my ramblings...either way grab a coffee and bikky.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Novawo Ladies Winter warm knitted arm-warmers Review

Cold hands warm heart they say; well here's something for those of you that always have cold hands even indoors; but still need your fingers to type etc.
How many of you have been working on your PC or laptop typing for hours and your hands get cold.

Then you sooo need a pair of these fingerless Winter-warm arm-warmers from Novawo. It was something Id never thought of wearing until I was kindly offered a pair to share with you all.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

NEW Trendz travel range - Travel PU Leather Wallet and matching Buddy Speaker #Review

 NEW Trendz Hawaiian Travel wallet and matching rechargeable buddy Speaker Review

Have you guys planned your holidays yet for this year? Do you want to be reminded of hot sun and warm seas rather than the cold wind, rain and snow we have at the moment?
Well today Im bringing you some new products from Trendz to show you.

Trendz are a company that are ever evolving with new design ideas for cases and accessories for our tech. So you will always have new modern or elegant storage for your phone or tablet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EtekCity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter review

Etekcity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter

Hi everyone here is something for you electronic hobbyists, DIY-ers or those that tinker alot with their cars.
This Etekcity multimeter is capable of performing many different electronic measuring tasks for different things.

See what we thought of this little gadget?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 15 highlights from 2015

15 of the best products from 2015.

2015 has been an incredible year for Gadget Girl Reviews thanks to all of you out there. We've had the opportunity to work with some great brands and companies this year who were kind enough to send us some AMAZING things to share with you all.
The way we choose our favorites is......
"Are we still using it"? 
If we are still using that product months after posting the review that speaks for itself. We've been lucky enough to bring you quite variety of gadgets this year so here are our
Top 15 reviews of 2015

Drumroll it has to be..........

Wow my other half and myself had an absolute blast videoing this and it went beyond doing a review we were completely addicted flying this day and night during the Summer months; its so much fun and so easy to fly.
If you love remote controlled products you have to get this.

Plus I have to mention one of the latest reviews of the "Worlds smallest" Quadcopter just for being the smallest it deserves that mention and being so much fun.  

The next favorite is...DRUMROLL...your favorite...dear readers...this has been the most viewed review and video of 2015.
with Accessories.
If you guys follow us you will know what fun we had with this, it has to be one of the best Action cams that "isn't" a Gopro.
The "remote viewing" was so much fun to see from your tablet or phone checkout our own video footage.
This also took one of the longest reviews to put together as it had so many fun aspects to it which needed to be videoed and edited. But WOW it was worth it as you guys loved it too. We actually edited "3" videos for this review; starting with video part 1 HERE if you want to catch-up.

2015 was the year of the speaker, we got sent quite a few to show you guys but 1 of them really stood out; not just for its incredible sound but its uniqueness and fantastic build quality .
The Pump Air levitating speaker...again this review took awhile to put together as we wanted to capture the floating footage at its best and I think we did that...what do you think?
We also both loved this retro alarm clock radio and still using it now. The sound is fab and it looks great too, the bright red is beautiful and the batteries last ages. Kitsound are definitely a brand that really do stand out for great products.

  I am also on a mission to find the brightest and most long lasting torch/lantern as we live rurally and often have powercuts and with all our technology were also looking for the best powerbank.

This was just brilliant, the brightness and longlastingness...(is that a word)...was fantastic. Plus its a charger.
We have alot of torches but this simple torch is so bright and even knows when its losing battery power to ramp down to low mode so it lasts longer.

Best powerbank of 2016 is from Rebelite, this charged both my phone and tablet with its high 24,000mAh battery; plus it looks fab too.

Sometimes a product comes along that is just clever and you fall in love; especially when it helps your health.
The DreamScience is just genius its clever technology really works for anyone who has trouble sleeping or waking up plus it looks so damn sleek and cool. Checkout my full video review and post.

 We also had some great ideas for the car too!

I had so many paint chips on my gorgeous paintwork; that this paint has transformed and tidied up my paintwork. Thank you Chippex

 This little gadget has also given me some more millage as my tyre pressure was totally out with each other and now this has been so accurate its actually saving me money.

I have to mention my latest photography toy my Sigma 50mm lens its gorgeous and now one of my favorites. The depth of field is stunning and the build quality is just gorgeous. I highly recommend this to all you bloggers, vloggers, ebayers as  product images are gorgeous.

I was also kindly sent some amazing "Non-Gadgety" products this year to show you all; so some of them deserve a mention.
Oh my Goodness these are just stunning and I'm using them in so many backgrounds for my other reviews; bringing nature indoors as they look sooo real.
This charming storage trunk, it really is beautiful and deserves a huge mention of just making your home look great. 

Plus dont forget weve really enjoyed the NEW Raspberry Pi 2 and we have been building new projects; catch-up with those below
Incase you missed our other Raspberry Pi 2 projects
check it out the complete build below.
Project PI #1 Introduction.
Project PI #2 Choosing the case.
Project PI #3 Introducing the new ZX 3.14.
Project PI #4 The Build 
Project PI #5 The Build is nearly finished.

2015 in summary
  Its been a great year with some great product reviews; but its also been a heartbreaking year for us here too as if you know me you will know I sadly lost my Mum suddenly 2 months ago; so you can now understand my silence for awhile.
We also lost our 15 year old dog too; who was great at reviewing the pet products we received and we will miss him lots.
So its been a tough last few months for us.
Our little ray of light however popped up suddenly online; as we weren't planning for another puppy so soon...but hey you know how it is...if it seems right you have to follow your gut.

So here's our 9 week old little German Shepherd girl Daisy!
I will be doing a proper introduction soon as Im sure she will be at our side trying to with every new product.

A big thank you to all of you who are following me, that have sent emails and messages across all our social media; we love hearing from you. Plus of course a big thank you to all the brands who have kindly sent products for us to show you. 
We cannot thank you all enough as its so exciting to have the opportunity to try the latest technology and ideas.
 Looking forward to 2016

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy Gadgety New Year!

I just wanted to say a big Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Plus Im really excited for you to meet our newest helper our 8 week old German Shepherd puppy.
You will be seeing alot more of this little bundle of fun; as she is into everything and Im sure wont be able to help herself sniffing out the latest gadgets.

We also wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers who have followed us throughout 2015 and before and I hope you will continue enjoying our reviews into 2016.
 Plus a massive thank you to all of you for all your support, emails and comments; we always love hearing from you.

A big thank you to the brands and companies who have kindly sent us products to share with you all. Its been so much fun photographing and videoing such incredible products thank you so much.

So have a great Christmas and really amazing New Year from all of us at 
Gadget Girl Reviews.
See you all very soon as we have some new and unique products coming up for the New year.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Axis Aerius The WORLDS Smallest Quadcopter #Review

Im as happy as a puppy with two tails, I cant wait to show you this insy winsy tiny Quadcoptor which does all the same things that its much bigger brothers do.

I actually reached out to Axis when I first saw this as I really needed to share this little guy with you all.

I recently reviewed the Xflyer and boy did we have some fun with that checkout my video review above.

Axis kindly sent us 2 of their tiniest Quadcoptors to review, this one is the Aerius which is now officially THE SMALLEST Quadcopter, it superseded the previous smallest, the wallet drone, but still just as fun.

Click the jump to checkout this adorable Quadcopter.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wheres (not) WALLE?

Wheres (not) WALLE?

I had all my WALLE's together for a family photo and someone else has sneaked into the photo.

Who is that masked droid?

Oh that my Rover phone track your sitting on and whose arms have you pinched....someone is armless...tut...sigh? 
I see I'm going to have to watch you....

Here he is on his own cute charging station; along with another two of my reviews coming up soon, the remote controlled quadcopters (the smallest in the world).

Course we still love you BB-8 afterall your going to be one of the most famous new robots this week.

Welcome to the family BB-8!
Review coming soon!
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