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The Kitsound Cadet Universal Portable rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Review.

Heya peoples how you all doing? I have something for those sound-a-holics out there.
I have another mini speaker to show you all today; but this time its a ruggedy outdoor one for those who enjoy music while camping or want something for barbeques or picnics or any outdoor activity.

I have reviewed quite a few products from Kitsound and Ive found them excellent quality, affordable and fun. So I was excited to have the opportunity to review one of their latest mini speakers.

At Kitsound they believe your music deserves to be listened to on great quality products that don’t cost the earth. That's why they are constantly fine-tuning their headphones and speakers so you can showcase your music at its best.
See my photo-loaded review below

Lycan Fallout By Mark Tufo Book Review

 This goes without saying if you are fans of Mark Tufo and Zombie Fallout and the adventures of the ever sarcastic Mike Talbot; you don't need to read this just go and buy!  

The world of man was brought to its knees with the zombie apocalypse. A hundred and fifty years have passed since man has clawed and climbed his way from the brink of extinction. Civilization has rebooted, man has begun to rebuild, to create communities and society.

It is on this fragile new shaky ground that a threat worse than the scourge of the dead has sprung. One man finds himself once again thrust into the forefront of a war he wants nothing to do with and seemingly cannot win. Follow along as Michael Talbot attempts to thwart the rise of the werewolf.

Oh my goodness another sleepless night I'm so knackered but wow what a ride. Ive been a fan of Mark Tufo since I discovered Zombie Fallout and Ive read all 6 books so far; since then Ive been hooked. So I couldn't wait to to try Lycan Fallout. I wasn't sure if Mark could pull off werewolves taking over the world as good as his Zombie Fallout series BUT goodness...yes he can; he has done it again with an incredible start to this new series...I' sorry to even doubt you Mark....

ZF is amazing ride of Talbot jokes and sarcasm; great lines and character mentions reaching back into Zombie Fallout history. This is book 1 of a brand new series and is a stand alone book in itself; but I do feel if you read Zombie Fallout series up to date first; you will understand and appreciate this book so much more.
Set 150 yrs after Zombie Fallout we watch as Mike's devastation of outliving his family is almost too much to bear. But good old Tommy has watched over him and finally brings him something to break his depression...Oggie. Yes its another Henry and its what he needs to get back back ontrack.....Yay to Oggie!

I love how Mark has skillfully intertwined Zombie Fallout characters and its history as Azile returns; Ive missed her since ZF 6 so its fab shes back with Tommy as they convince Mike they need him to help them save the world...from another horrific threat....AGAIN! 

The Lycans are bigger and fiercer than werewolves, deadly more brutal and cruel than zombies, but don't worry the zombies are not all gone.....
Whats left of the human population are scattered across the lands gradually trying to rebuild their lives with new towns...eeking out a new existence with whatever they can. So with a witch and 2 vampires....well 1 vampire (Tommy) and half a vamp (Mike); plus some brilliant new characters which I'm sure we will all grow to love as much...join forces to fight and survive if they can against this new horror.  
Mike Talbot with his incredible rugged charm and sarcasm just cannot keep his mouth shut to stay out of trouble and I love it. Who would find the only pub in the future and get into a fight...well they started on the Oggie didnt picks on Mikes dog EVER! Its a good job Tommy keeps an eye on him. 

Mcdonalds even lives on in the future but not as you know it lol...and we also learn what starts Mike into writing these journals.
I have to say Mike Talbot is one of my alltime favorite characters from any book or film Ive ever read...yes Ive said it...its a big claim but its so very true. 
Mark creates believable characters, that are engaging and make us care about them like they were our best friends. Its a truly compelling, fast paced plot which made me laugh outloud and then cry real tears; that doesn't happen often...sheesh!
When you get to know the characters they are real to us and it brings out every emotion; so now I'm on tender-hooks for Lycan Fallout 2...hurry...!!!

Buy your copy from
Amazon UK
Amazon US

  • Kindle Edition File Size: 2150 KB
  • Print Length: 338 pages

 Author Bio


Mark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corp. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution and has gone back to college at CTU to complete his masters. He has written the Indian Hill trilogy with the first Indian Hill - Encounters being published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2009. He lives in Colorado with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs. Visit him at or for news on his next two installments of the Indian Hill trilogy.

Please see the Goodreads book list of all of Mark Tufo's books available.

All my thanks goes to Mark for sending me a copy for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

See all my Book reviews from the Mark Tufo library

Technics are Reborn - Rediscover your music!

Published on 4 Sep 2014- Highlights of the Technics Press Conference at IFA 2014

If you are a sound aficionado then you would have heard of Technics, leader in excellent quality high class music systems to be proud of. You are never buying "just" a sound system but a complete listening experience and a beautiful piece of furniture for your home.
Technics is a company that has always brought us timeless designs with clean traditional lines, their high grade materials and expert craftsmanship create a luxury center piece to any sound lovers environment; offering an emotionally engaging experience.
 Panasonic Corporation announced last week; that it will launch its audio products under the Technics brand name again, reviving its brand long synonymous with high-quality hi-fi sound to deliver richer, emotionally-engaging sound and musical experiences. New Technics-branded hi-fi audio systems will be released first in the European market in December 2014 and later in other parts of the world.

Technics are Reborn.
Technics are relaunching there products bringing 5 decades of their experience and combining modern futuristic digital technologies wrapped in new design style.
Technics quote
"Listening to music must be an experience; its a new era of lossless audio which stirs your emotions with sound the way it was intended to be heard. Let Technics take you on your journey to rediscover music."

Coming soon from Technics are these stunning music systems with state-of-the-art components and innovative technologies.

 Reference Class R1 Series

Reference Class
R1 Series

The SE-R1 flagship power amplifier

SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player

SB-R1 Speaker system

Premium Class C700 Series

The Premium Class 
C700 series

SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
ST-C700 Network Audio Player

SL-C700 Compact Disc Player

SB-C700 Speaker System

For more detailed info on these timeless luxury music systems see 

So have you ever owned your own Technics sound system or would you consider a music investment like this; let me know what you think?

For more information about Technics,

Panasonic LIVE@IFA 2014

Technics Brand to Return to Deliver Emotionally-Engaging Sound and Musical Experiences

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Aqua Trek USB Waterproof Charger Review

 Aqua Trek USB Waterproof Charger
from Mobile Solar Chargers

Hiya all you gadget-a-holics today I have one of the best chargers I have ever tried to show you all.

By now dear readers I guess you realize, my love for rugged gadgets knows no bounds; as I tend to spend alot of time outdoors as a photographer and need my gadgets to withstand all types of weathers and conditions; this includes my charger as Im always in need of more power !
With the gorgeous Summer we've been having I have had my phone, tablet and Kindle as well as mini speakers outside; all needing a top up every now 'N' again.
So what better time to try out this toughy-wuffy charger from Mobile Solar chargers. Its waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, sand-proof....everything proof as well as being compact to be able to take with you anywhere.

Mobile Solar Chargers are a Specialist UK retailer and "One stop shop" for all your charging needs, you seriously do not need to look anywhere else; take it from me. They have a charger to suit not only your device but suit you personally too; from busy everyday commuting lifestyles to traveling in the Himalayas. All of their portable power banks and travel chargers recharge from USB or mains and the solar ones have the extra addition of trickle charge in direct sunlight.

Ive recently reviewed The Traveller also from Mobile Solar Solutions and I didn't think much could top this.

So checkout my photo-loaded review of the Aqua Trek below to see just what this amazing charger can do in every condition.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Mini NibNibs Snacks Review and Give-Away

Ive something for everyone today; as most of us love our snacks and nibbles no matter where we are and what we are doing. I am terrible for nibbling snacky foods while Im writing or editing images...I need brain energy and that's my I need an excuse...Im sure you guys are all the same...arnt you... ;-)

So when NibNibs offered to send us a selection of their goodies to try how could I say no?

NibNibs are a new brand of snack food handmade by Susan and Darren baked in their craft bakery in Ripon in North Yorkshire.
"We create exceptionally delicious snacks using oodles of quality British ingredients"

Did we like them...find out here
Plus enter the Rafflecoptor Give-away to win your very own selection of NibNibs
See below!!!

Occult Assassin; Ice God by William Massa Book Review

After a decade spent fighting the enemy abroad and keeping his country safe, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon is ready to settle down with the love of his life. But Talon’s world crumbles when his fiancĂ©e becomes the victim of a murderous cult.
In the wake of his terrible loss, Talon dedicates himself to a new mission – hunting down evil occultists across the globe and stopping them before they can unleash the forces of darkness upon an unsuspecting world.

In this 16k novella, Talon heads to Norway to face Rezok, a Black Metal musician who plans on using an ancient Norse ritual to trigger a frozen cataclysm.

I was excited to find another William Massa book in my inbox to review for you all today. I'm a huge fan of his books as you never quite know what his stories will be about. 
Mr Massa has managed to cover so many genres of horror and action within his books so far; from Dracula, to Celtic folklore, futuristic robots and my favorite so far a science fiction horror Crossing the Darkness so I just couldn't wait to start reading this book.

Occult Assassin is number 5 in the Massa library and another fast paced novella you can easily read in one sitting as believe me you wont be able to put it down.
Norwegian folklore creepy rockband versus James Bond really set the scene for this thrilling read.  
I loved the main character Mark Talon the ultimate tough guy coping with the loss of the love of his life (which I would have liked to have known more about). Massa's descriptive writing draws you right alongside Talon on his latest mission to hunt down freaky Rezok and his band of followers. You can almost feel the freezing cold on your face as Talon fights to save the girl and the world from Rezok's plan to unleash something unearthly on the world. 
I want to tell you more but I cant or Ill be giving too much away, you need to read it yourself.
Massa's endless imagination leads to some unique ideas and vivid action scenes within the pages that would make an amazing film to all you scriptwriters out there. Another heart-pounding stimulating read and I hope there will be a book 2 with more adventures of Mark Talon.

You can buy your copy from Amazon Uk
Amazon US
Read more from Goodreads

Author Bio

 William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor.

Visit for news, updates and announcements.

 All my thanks goes to William for forwarding me a copy of this book for this review. 
All my views and opinions are my own.

Please read more of my book reviews from William Massa.

September 2014
from William Massa

Rewinder by Brett Battles Book Review

You will never read Denny Younger’s name in any history book, will never know what he's done.
But even if you did, you’d never believe it.
The world as you know it wouldn't be the same without him.
Denny was born into one of the lowest rungs of society, but his bleak fortunes abruptly change when the mysterious Upjohn Institute recruits him to be a Rewinder, a verifier of personal histories. The job at first sounds like it involves researching old books and records, but Denny soon learns it's far from it.
A Rewinder's job is to observe history.
In person.

Embracing his new duties with enthusiasm, Denny witnesses things he could never even imagine before. But as exciting as the adventures into the past are, there are dangers, too. For even the smallest error can have consequences.
Life-altering consequences.

Time, after all, is merely a reference point.

 Oh wow I have just put this down after reading the last page; just peeked out the window and checked the internet just to see we are still in 2014 ;-)

I have read quite a few of Brett Battles books mainly his Project Eden series which I absolutely loved; but this read is something so very different to what I have EVER read. This new direction is brilliant...if not genius!
This is time travel at its best, it makes you think; "Butterfly wings"...and ..all....

Based in a time where class (caste) means everything to the point The Upjohn Institute is created to send experienced historians back in time to check history and family lines are correct. Rewinders are there to just observe to see the historical facts are correct for those claiming to be a higher caste. The plot and idea is fantastic and to put it all in the hands of Denny Younger is even more exciting. A student who loves history and is accepting his life of working in a dismal job for the rest of his life. But his brilliance for history and learning is spotted and he's whisked away and offered a prestigious opportunity of a lifetime and to move up the class ranks.

Denny has a heart of gold and believes in doing the right thing...but is he? Just a few seconds can change time itself...if he makes a slight mistake it wont matter...right...he can fix it...right...just go back in quite?

This story is compelling, intriguing and addictive as Brett's vivid imagination is converted into his stimulating writing as we join Denny on his new career. The characters are believable and engaging; you really are rooting for Denny right there behind just not sure which year ;-)
History, moral dilemma's, a dying battery, deceit in the ranks and a dash of romance is skillfully woven into this ingenious plot with an ending I certainly didn't see coming. 
A must have read for those of you that love something different; time jumping that's isn't all science fiction; its completely believable..isn't it. This book will make you think?

Author Bio

Brett Battles is the author of over a dozen novels and several short stories. His second novel, THE DECEIVED (part of his Jonathan Quinn series), won the Barry Award for Best Thriller. He is one of the founding members of Killer Year, and is a member of International Thriller Writers. He lives and writes in Los Angeles. 

Please checkout more of my book reviews from Brett below!

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CAT Active Urban Rugged Phone Case - Updated Colours Review

Hiya guys and girls, I have an update and a couple of smart phone cases to show you today. These CAT Urban Active range cases are perfect for those with outdoor jobs or just a bit klutsy like me.

Most of you have heard of Caterpillar which is now a household name. It was founded in 1925 with the first crawler type tractor and the formation of Daniel Best's Caterpillar Tractor Company. The CAT brand is now the cornerstone of the Caterpillar portfolio; representing products and services all over the world.

Back in May I reviewed the gorgeous black Urban Active CAT case, which I absolutely loved and it really is a tough case too.
My only niggle was the lack of choice of colours...well in July this year CAT launched some more colours to this range and I was kindly sent 2 more to show you guys. Yellow and White.
Many of us change our covers as fast as our clothes these days so we can coordinate...or is that just me then... ;-)
Checkout the new colours and see just how tough these cases are!
More here

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