Monday, September 26, 2016

Brimbles September Stationary Subscription box unboxing video.

Today Im hopping up and down to bring you my very 1st ever Brimbles box and if you dont know what that is, its a monthly stationary/planner box just for those of you who love scrapbooking, planners and crafts.

So being a bit of a newbie to art journaling I cannot express how excited I am to be opening this with you all today.
 There is always something exciting about subscription boxes, the waiting for it to arrive in the post and then the not knowing what is inside and then being able to rummage through to see what you've got....sooo exciting it brings the kid out in me lol!!!
Plus its the "Stationary Box" happy!

I have an admission to make though as I did however have a rough idea of what was inside as I saw Anna's September unboxing BUT I knew straight away I had to have it!
 I have loved Dreamcatchers and native American Indian jewellery all my life and I have been collecting these items for years, so when I saw what was in the this box; it had my name on it.

Just look how gorgeous this looks as you open the lid...the separate packages make it even more exciting, than if it was all loose inside.

Ive added a full video unboxing and complete look round at every item just as there maybe something you would like for your planners and scrapbooks too.

Boho styling has seemed to hit the planner world by storm this year so its been like Christmas for me with so many products available to buy and so much inspiration from many of you out there!
I have also recently purchased a new travelers notebook which I have planned to be completely Boho themed; so I had this notebook in mind as soon as I saw this box.

This Travelers Times Notebook (video here) is my main journaling one so I couldn't resist starting to theme this one too as I love the Dreamcatchers so much.
Checkout my previous review and you will see me starting to decorate it Boho style! 

So what was in it your asking...well to see everything in detail see my full unboxing video above, but hang around here to see a rough idea of what I got inside first if you wish.

  • Image 1 is a 12 x 12 inch pages of Kaiser Craft Boho stickers These are fab quality, the paper is really thick.

  •  Images 2 and 3 are one sheet which is a double sided kaiser craft sheet; I adore the feathers on one side but especially the girl holding the camera. I loved it so much I bought an extra sheet so it didn't matter if I cut one up. I so need this as a dashboard...shes beautiful!
  • Images 4 and 5 are also 1 sheet which is double sided and show a large dreamcatcher one side which you can colour in, as much as I love this its just too big for what I wanted for my journals; but on the other side are gorgeous Boho inspirational text quotes so you can use these for anything.
But wait there's more......

  • Image 1 is a huge bag of ephemera or diecuts there were 50 pieces of everything from dreamcatchers, feathers, the girl holding the camera, flowers and so much more, I go through every piece in my video if you want to see them in detail.
  • Image 2 we have a postcard where Anna explains the theme of this months box and a matching postit booklet that have her own dreamcatcher drawings on the front; aren't these gorgeous.
  • Image 3 is one of my favorites the feather washi tape OMG I cant wait to use this.
  • Image 4 is a beautiful stamp set which has made me go off and collect some stamps; plus some ink pads and a block as Ive never used stamping before. Its something Ive wanted to do but never got around to it, so its another item I just cant wait to use as soon as my inks arrive.
  • Image 5, lastly is a beautiful watercolour postcard which just sums up my love for birds which says ;
"Hope is a thing with feathers!"

Yep there's even more...I couldn't contain myself when I found these gorgeous fox stickers inside as they almost match one of my Lyra & Co fauxdori's I got earlier in the year...dont they match well...what do you think?

Then I also added to the order this adorable bunny which is a correction tape on one ear and an eraser on the other, I have been looking for something to correct stuff for ages so it just had to go in my basket. (He wasn't part of the Brimbles box!)

You get so much for your money and as a stationary addict this is just so much fun to wade through!

I absolutely loved my 1st Brimbles box even though I knew some of what was in it, it was still as exciting for me as I knew I was going to love every item to use in my travelers notebooks.
But checkout my video to see me unboxing it and my reactions plus see the items close-up inside. There maybe something you may like for your planners and craftwork too.

I would definitely purchase one again and dont forget we have Halloween coming up and the dreaded word...Christmas...Ill whisper it for those like me who want to keep Christmas in December.
They would make the perfect present under the tree for someone who loves scrapbooking and planning.

So thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this post and video; its something different but I know some of you love stationary as much as I do so I wanted to share it with you all.

I will be showing you all soon what I will be doing with this box in my new notebook, so watch this space.

 Here are the details of the subscription boxes
This page will help you choose the right one for you as she offers several to choose from.
Stationary box
Brimbles big box of stationary - single one only.
Planners - for ring binders of personal and A5 planners.
Sticker club.
Dashboard club.

The boxes are £15 plus p&p if you subscribe to receiving monthly boxes.
But you can do what I did by buying a one off box to try or as a gift for someone,
 for £18 plus p&p.

You might also manage to grab some previous monthly boxes if your quick, I had seen some of the  March and July boxes still available.

If you want to sign up for the October box the details are HERE

*Disclosure I bought this box out of my own money and have not been compensated for this review in any way. All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Travelers Times NEW refills and my updated Travelers Times Notebook Boho style video!

 Travelers Times NEW refills and my updated Travelers Times Notebook Boho style!

I ordered my 3rd lot of inserts from Travelers Times as they are always just what I need to help me keep organized; this month I ordered some different designs; so thought you might be interested to see what I purchased this month.

 I also started decorating my Travelers Times leather Notebook in Boho style...just the outside at the moment....inside later on...!

So after raiding my jewellery box I found some pieces to start decorating my gorgeous Cranberry planner. I also added to my notebook a new fountain pen too! ;-)

 Ive added a full video unboxing and look round for you so you can see how gorgeous they look grab a brew and a bikky sit down and relax.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 104 Blue key switches Video 1st Impressions & Review

As a gamer I couldn't contain my excitement when I was kindly offered to share with you this amazing gaming keyboard and a matching mouse. Today Im just showing you the keyboard.

With its LED light modes built beneath the caps, brought out the mega Geek in me.
So I have got a full video unboxing and complete show round of this gorgeous keyboard.
If your a gamer or just love unique keyboards hang around and watch my video below.

XPassion Waterbrush 3 piece Pen Review

Ive something for those of you that love your art and especially painting with watercolours.

I was kindly offered this waterbrush set from Xpassion and as I am just getting back into my art journaling I jumped at the chance.

Watercolors are something I was never good at; but something Ive always wanted to learn while I was at school many, many moons ago. So now I'm back into my art journaling its perfect timing for me to start using watercolours again. 

I have added a video review too so you get to see these in action...sorry Im not an artist its very basic dont get excited..there wont be any mona lisa!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Edifier MP211 Bluetooth & NFC Portable Speaker Review

Ive reviewed a wide variety of products in the last few months and Im excited to be sharing a gorgeous, elegant speaker with you today. 
Its a hot English Summer day and we are making the most of this glorious weather, but those Summer days can be made better with some sounds, whether its for your barbecues, days out in the park at the beach or in the comfort of your own home. 

So when I was kindly offered this portable Bluetooth speaker from Edifier, I just couldn't resist those sleek elegant curves.
So grab a coffee and snack and checkout my video unboxing, 1st impressions and full review below.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

MatrixSight 36 watt UV LED Diamond Shaped Nail lamp Review and Video

Hi everyone Ive something for you nail addicts out there!

I was recently offered this gorgeous UV LED gel nail curing lamp from MatrixSight and I jumped at the chance...just look at it; its to be offered a gorgeous PINK UV gel machine really gets my pulse racing...who wouldn't want this sitting on their desk!
UV LED gel nails and polishes have made a huge comeback this year and many of us are doing our own nails at home using the amazing UV LED polishes that are available by many brands at the moment.

So I have a video review and corresponding post right below so grab a coffee and bikky, sit back and relax.

EBoot 7 piece gel nail art brushes Review

I've something for all you nail addicts out there not the hammer and nail but the hand and nail kind.
Ive recently started doing gel/acrylic nails after many years as I'm an ex nail tech so decided I wanted to start doing my own nails again after many years.

So when I was kindly offered these to review I jumped at the chance as I only had a small shorty gel brush from Naio...even though that is very good; sometimes you just want a different size brush for other things. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Fotopro Flexible Mini Tripod with universal clip Review and Video + Wimberley Plamp Stake & G

I have something for all you mobile photographers out there; how many times have you needed an extra pair of hands when taking photos or videos...go on I know its a yes.

 Well now you have with something that's light and compact from Fotopro. I was kindly offered this mini flexible tripod to share with you all.

So I have added a fun, chatty video so you get to see this little guy in action after the jump.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

VicTsing Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Touch Sensitive Controls Review

Here is something that most of us would probably find useful and I had been looking for a good touch sensitive lamp for awhile.
This black elegant lamp has a super bendy silicon rubber gooseneck and the LED light has 3 impressive brightness settings.

But dont take my word for it checkout my box opening and full review on my video below.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gellen UV LED 14 polish Review and Video

 Gellen Uv LED 14 polish Review and Video

Hi everyone no you haven't got the wrong website its still Gadget Girl and no Ive not become a beauty blogger nor am I trying to be one.
However anyone who knows me knows how much I love my nails. I originally qualified as a nail tech back in the late 80's...yep I am that old lol! But sadly had to give up for health reasons so now its just a huge naily hobby.
So when Gellen approached me and offered a few sets of their latest New UV LED nail polishes for review I bit their hand off.
 They kindly offered me 2 different sets and I chose the listing that enabled me to choose my own!

 Here are both the listings I chose.
Gellen brand starter kit (6 x10ml Black bottles).
 Gellen brand environmental starter set (6 x 8ml white bottles).
 I am beyond excited as Ive only just started collecting UV LED gel polishes and generally they are quite pricey.
I have added a full video review as I feel its far better to see the polishes rather than just images of colours.

So grab a coffee and a bikky and sit back and let me try out all these gorgeous polishes for you. So all you have to do is pick your favorite colours.
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